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2012 JC 4x4 Overland Weight Distribution

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For anyone interested I just purchase a Kodiak 291RESL 6, 476lbs empty and for a setup I went with a 12k equalizer system with a P3 brake controller. Setup is perfect, truck is perfectly leveled and pulls the Kidiak up to 70 with minimal sway, at 60mph with just about no sway (unless its very windy out). Extremely happy with setup vs. A Reese which I've had before.
Tongue weight is 710 favtory before upgrades so maybe a bit more.

Equalizer takes 30sec to put on and off, simple, the way I like it. And effective.
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I have a 2,500 pound trailer with a sway bar and a much lower tongue weight but I am thinking of the P3 brake controller.
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