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...I was wondering, Why is the information wrong about the gas mileage?
I get 19 in the city and 23/25 on the highway.
My Overland is a 2012, 5.7L, 2nd owner, yet the guy I work with just bought a new Jeep Compass with a V6 and his M.P.H. is lower.

Haven't had an issue traveling to and from Wisconsin. Buttercup (My Jeep) loves the rain!
I guess the only crappy thing, is the price of gas. The only thing I wished I would've done
sooner is purchased an Overland sooner. (A bit high on the price tag if purchased new.)
Nothing political here, just the question above...and a bit too much coffee.

Have a great day, week, month and don't be afraid to let your son take your Jeep for a spin...
(as long as you happen to be in the passenger seat to assure him max speed "can be a thought, not an action."
. . .that's my time!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts