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Again, it's me, seeking input. Anyone have suggestions for replacing the lower front black plastic grille on my 2012 Laredo (WK2) with something more shiny (read: attractive and not overly-pricey)? Have seen the lower chrome (plastic) grille, but it appears the upper part of the item allows the thin strip of body color (my vehicle- pronounced vee-hick-el- is white) to show through, which to my unpracticed in the Jeep way of thinking looks tacky. Any ideas/suggestions are welcome- I even thought of blacking out the white strip with black electricians tape, and wonder if that will harm the paint underneath and if the part requires drilling- something I want to avoid. As I have learned over the many years and fancy cars I have personalized, any aftermarket items added to a vehicle do not enhance it's value, but rather detract the amount of $$ needed to bring it back to OEM- unless you sell it privately, which kind of limits the market to someone with identical taste. This is my opinion, of course others may vary. Every Vette I changed the exhaust and/or wheels on had to be brought back to stock before I could even think of trading/selling it, which leaves me with a set of $1000 Borlas (insert your favorite make of exhaust here) and aftermarket wheel/tire sets to try and sell to someone. Other vehicles- my 97 Grand Cherokee V8, BMW's, ad nauseum have taught me this. Here at the Jersey Shore, or what is left of it after Sandy, is a great market for 4X4's- but still selective, believe it or not. Right after the storm I could not find a 4X4 anything other than a Mercedes to buy anywhere, and anything used was snapped up instantly. Oh well, such is life....sorry to run on....:sleepy:
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