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2012 Wk2
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Hey all,

I have an issue I am hoping for your insight into. I have an intermittent issue with my 2012 WK2 with the 3.6. Now and then, I will have a starting issue where the engine will fire up, but immediately cut out and the red security light will blink on the dash. Normally, if I pop out the push button and start with the fob in the dash, it will work. However, sometimes this doesn't even work and I just need to let it sit a few minutes and try again.

I've brought it to the dealer, and they couldn't get it to replicate the issue, because as I said this is very intermittent (sometimes it can happen several days in a row, sometimes it goes weeks without happening). The only thing they noted was that there was a stored code for invalid key (I think - something like this) in the system.

I've tried replacing the key fob's batteries, and I've tried using both sets of keys. Neither seem to solve it.

I've replaced the external fuel relay that was installed by the dealer due to the TIPM recall. This did not fix the issue.

Does anyone have any other good ideas I can try?

Thank you all!
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