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Hi Everyone just wanted to warn everyone before it happens to someone else.

I was being brave and purchased the tuner went through the install process and all was good, Jeep was running fine tuner was working right gauges were fine. The only issue was the frontal collison warning sensor was off as well as the adaptive cruise as well as ABS light was on. I didn't even take the Jeep out of the driveway and I turned off Jeep to tidy up all the wiring and when I went to go start up again and test out my new tune..........NOTHING. Not even instrument panel flickered, so I thought maybe battery dead so I boosted it and nothing, on top of that my key is stuck in the ignition. I called Bully dog support and we did the typical turn it off and then back on again game with the tuner, when that didn't work we tried to load new files onto the SD card and reinstall tuner...hard to do when Jeep will not go into accesory or RUN. We did this for an hour and ended with a we will call you back in a few hours, meanwhile I am now missing a day of work.

6 hours later and no call back I call them wait for 40 minutes on hold and get a new tech, who goes through the exact same steps with me the whole time I am asking him if they even looked at the history of my issue??? After this the "tech" tells me they don't know what is wrong and I can pull my computer and ship it to them in American Falls, I live in Canada not really an option plus that will most likley guarnntee me to lose my warranty. So that leaves me the option of getting towed to the nearest dealer and getting my computer re-flashed while playing dumb. I asked Bully Dog if I get charged for the towing and re-flash will they cover the cost and I was told not a chance but they would pay for me to send the computer.

Sorry I had to rant has anyone else had this issue it seems like a security problem.

Also is Bully Dog normally this awful to deal with????

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