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2013 Jeep Deals

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Anyone score any sweet deals on leftover 2013 JGCs? I'm curious how much off MSRP people are getting.
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Well, there is a 2013 trailhawk on a lot by me that I'm keeping an eye on. 48k msrp and the dealer now has it listed at 40. Its been sitting for 2 months. nobody likes the red. I'll be heading over there hopefully at the end of the month to either get that or a jku rubicon.
Nice - 8000 off msrp is pretty damn good!. Anyone else got similar discounts?
I ended up actually finding a leftover new 2012 (no different than 2013) that I got for ~15% under invoice <label for="rb_iconid_10">
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don't fool yourself. The 2012s and 2013s are different.

One has a 2 at the end of the model year. The other has a 3!
2013 Limited Hemi loaded at 10% under invoice. Got what I wanted for the trade of my 2010 Limited as well. Very blessed to be in the right place at the right time, dealing with the right sales guy.
Congrats on the new Jeep!
1 - 5 of 61 Posts
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