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2013 Jeep Deals

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Anyone score any sweet deals on leftover 2013 JGCs? I'm curious how much off MSRP people are getting.
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In the NY/NJ area Chrysler and Hann finance are offering a $5000 rebate to lease via a 39mo Hann finance program. Some of these "too good to be true" prices cane include this incentive if in the target geographic area. I just leased a 2013 Laredo X MSRP $40,888 for $32,500 (1% below invoice minus $6000 in rebates) through this program.
Going to a dealer in my area this morning who has the below price for a True Blue (I let the spouse decide) with saddle. .
You are at about 10% below invoice before rebates. Sounds like a pretty good deal if your not looking to lease. I wasn't able to get my local dealer to discount his leftover 2013's any more then 1% below invoice via the affiliate program but I got $6000 in rebates.
Scored a sweet deal 5 weeks ago for a fully loaded every option overland 2200 at signing 521$ a month.... To bad it got stolen from a valet on friday night, Now i will be stuck paying significantly more money for a 2014. Anyone know what the same truck will be going for in a 2014 in North jersey
Bummer about loosing the vehicle, hopefully insurance will make you whole again? I got quoted a 2014 Limited for $1500 at signing $529/mo in central NJ. There are still a good amount of 2013's leftover in NJ and Hann Financial is still offering the $5000 rebate to lease 2013's... I know Baker Jeep in Princeton has a few 2013 Overlands left.
1 - 3 of 61 Posts
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