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2013 Jeep Deals

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Anyone score any sweet deals on leftover 2013 JGCs? I'm curious how much off MSRP people are getting.
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I am looking at a 2013 Laredo MSRP $40,180 and first dealer offer is for $33,626 not including TTL. This is almost 17% off MSRP. I am early in the process and have time so hopefully I will see things still drop a little from here. Hope this helps other shoppers!
Was a dealership outside of Baltimore, Md. While the price was attractive I became a little uncomfortable when the salesperson let me know which incentives I did not qualify for...I get military, but Realtor, Contractor, VW or LLC owner is odd. I am test driving another 2013 Laredo today at Farrish in Fairfax. Have had good experience with the dealership in the past so will post if I am able to get a good deal.
Thanks for the idea. I live in DC and saw the thread on the 2014 buy. A 2013 at 17% off MSRP still works out cheaper so I think I will keep pushing in this space for now. Fortunately I don't need a new car right away so hoping patience will pay off. I am a bit of a nut with these things. When Saab went out of business two years ago I bought a new convertible for Christmas at 33% off MSRP. No warranty which is a big deal, but lots of savings to pay for repairs which fortunately there have not been any yet!
I just signed a deal with Safford in Springfield, Va. for a 2013 Laredo with a Hemi. Has an MSRP of $39,315 and I am paying $33,293 not including taxes and tags. Good luck everyone!
1 - 4 of 61 Posts
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