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I changed the transmission fluid in my Daughter's 2015 Jeep Compass Sport 4x4, 2.4L with the 6spd Automatic, Hyundai 6F24 PowerTech transmission.

Here's the thing about this transmission Jeep adopted from Hyundai. Jeep mounted the transmission at a different angle than Hyundai does in their vehicles. So, the fluid level changes from the different angle of mounting.

So the Hyundai method of checking and setting the fluid level will not work. So you see all these Youtube videos showing how to check the fluid level in this trans in Hyundai vehicles, it doesn't work, you'll end up being low on fluid.

FCA has its own method of checking and setting the fluid level, and its a Major PITA and needs a special tool dipstick.

Then I came across this Bulletin doing a little research.

Basically the bulletin says to do the Hyundai procedure for setting the fluid level, then close up the opening in the valve body cover, and add 28 Oz of ATF. Then the fluid level will be correct.

I used this procedure for my Daughters 2015 Jeep Compass, then did the FCA procedure for properly checking the fluid level, and sure enough, it came out to be the at the max level for the temperature. So a much easier way to set the fluid level in the 2014-2015 Compass with the Hyundai 6F24 transmission.
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