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I checked the temperature of the A/C coming out of the center vent (set to coldest temp) and the coldest it reads is 48 degrees F. And this is on an 80 degree day. I would think on a 100 degree day, the A/C performance would be really weak. Has anyone or could someone check the temp coming out of the center vents and let me know the temp reading that you get? Thanks

Maybe mine is working ok, but I know the 2012 WK2 A/C performed better.
Using a 2013 Grand Cherokee these are some of Jeep's A/C performance specs

Ambient air temp- 21C/70F-- 27C/80F-- 32C/90F-- 38C/100F-- 43C/110F

Max allowable air- 9C/48F--- 9C/48F--- 12C/54F-- 15C/59F--- 18C-65F
temp at center
panel outlet.

It was 28C/82F according to the dash temp display here today and with my auto temp set to 20C/68F.
It was running at the spec max of 9C/48F and that was with the recirculate off.

It felt good, but I would have thought it would have ran cooler!
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