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I currently have a '12 Summit with the Advanced warning package, and I plan to order (was hoping it was today but dealer said try again in April) a '14 CRD 4x4 in either Overland or Summit.

While at dealer today, I drove a Summit and Overland. There are not to many differences and they are sometimes subtle. I was leaning towards the Summit due to the sound system as I love music and spend lots of time in the car (my 7 month old '12 has 22,000 mies already). I didn't get to test both sound systems out fully but initially i didn't hear (or see in the systems) much difference.

The Overland I drove had the Off Road Package which I like as well, since I think I want 18" wheels so that I can get closer to an AT tires.

Does anybody have much experience with the different sound systems? I have a month to wait and decide but would like your opinions.

Also, does anybody know of a reasonably priced AT tire for the 20" rims as compared to an 18" rim? I am a fan of the Goodyear Silent Armour AT's.
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