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I wanted to post an update to my last post concerning MY 2014GC Limited. For some reason I feel better posting on this site as I see I'm not alone with some of these issues.
I filled out a very truthful survey for my Dealer about my new GC and last month I was contacted. I was asked to make an appointment to have the issues addressed. I said I wanted to wait and take it in when the first service was due and have everything taken care of at one time. Although I had to take it in for a defective Idler pulley before the oil change.
I use the GC for work. I am a builder in Atlanta and I spend about 10 to 15 hours a day in it. The housing market has rebounded here! So any down time is not acceptable.Especially with a NEW vehicle. But finally I made the appointment two weeks latter.
I want to also say this is not my first GC. I had a 2008(80K) and 2010(60K) . I really like the 2014 even with all of it's issues. I have owned a lot of vehicles, A Lot ! I kind of knew what I was getting into buying a Jeep but I did not have these issues with the other GC's.
I make the appointment four days in advance. I explain in detail what the issues are the morning I take it in. The issues are the Uconnect update,erratic ATC performance and the loud clunk in the rear end (that had gotten much worse) as well as the oil change. I know from experience not to have them address the trim issues, I can live with that . The morning before I take it in the Airbag light is staying on. Also the previous week the idler pulley was replaced so that was not listed on this repair order.
The CG was in the shop for two and half days. The service adviser stated it took so long because they were slammed. So I said why make an appointment if it takes you a day to even look at it! The only item that was somewhat resolved was the replacement of the rear air shocks for the clunk in the rear end. I explained in detail to the service writer the issues with the ATC. The repair order stated "AC not cooling" the tech stated "Operation normal" The line tech that changed the oil checked it out. So nothing was was done concerning the ATC. They could not duplicate the Airbag issue.The same Tech checked this out also.
When I picked it up I had the service writer come out and look and see the airbag light was on.
Two days latter I drive back to the dealer and talk with the service manager. I explain in detail again the issue concerning the ATC and he calls the shop foreman and the AC tech to look at the vehicle.They order a ATC control module. The service manager also calls over the tech that has experience with the Uconnect and he tells me they now have the new software to up date it. I replay my service ticket states they updated it two days ago. The update was never done. He has no idea why my Jeep was not given to the Uconnect Tech. It should not be this way.Why do we put up with it?
I have owned everything from Jaguars,Mercedes to GMC Pickups and everything in between. I have had issues with some but the dealers always came through. I bought the GC from the Largest Jeep Dealer in the South. I should not have these issues with a High end Jeep and certainly not with the service.
So I will go back to the Dealer Again.But this time I'm waiting for it! I'm not leaving it for two days again and have nothing corrected.
By the way the rear end is making the clunking noise again.
Not to be a downer but I want to list the Low's and the High's of my 2014 GC Limited.

Erratic ATC:It will not cool the cabin. I can cut it off and on and it will freeze you out of there.
Same in the manual position.
Uconnect has a 60 to 90 second delay in voice recognition,especially on a phone command,reboots and will freeze up. All Controls on panel will not respond unless you restart the vehicle when it freezes.
Interior lights have a delay (sometimes) when entering the vehicle at night. Questionable electronics.
Clunk in rear end. Air Shocks replaced once. Noise is coming back.
Misaligned Chrome around windows on rear belt line especially around rear side windows.
Drivers door misaligned at bottom.
Rubber molding underneath wipers not flush. Taken care of.
imperfect machining on all four wheels.Bad for a Premium Wheel!
Carpet cut short in the drivers foot well.
Misaligned tailgate.
Rear glass in tailgate glued in crooked
Air bag light is on.
Tail pipes out of line.
Loud Rattle in engine compartment(Idler pulley replaced)
Dealer service not so good. They are good at saying they are sorry.

Fantastic Ride.
Very comfortable seats.Front and back. Good Leather!
Very Stable on the road
Comfortable and quite on long road trips.
Good "Work Office"Lots of room!
Good Paint
Fit and finish on interior is great! Exterior not so good.
Gas Mileage is OK for a vehicle of this size and weight.
Great Stance,high ground clearance.
Good rear view camera.
Stable,solid and rattle free with exception of the rear clunk.
No wind noise
Unfortunately as much as I like my GC with it's issues, if I could do this all over again I can't say I would. There is so much competition that
KNOWS how to offer Great Customer service to their Customers. I might not have bought another Jeep.

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2014GC, please correct me if I'm wrong. It sounds like you're saying Jeep designed a very good vehicle, but Jeep is not able to build the vehicle with same quality it designed, Jeep kind of expects its dealers to fix all the build problems, and the dealers are not qualified or competent to fix all the build problems.

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In a nut shell that is what I wrote in my recent post. My 2014 GC is rock solid,and a comfortable ride, pleasant interior, and I feel good about the fact I could drive it on any job site terrain as well as take a bunch of clients to dinner. Most of the issues could have been taken care of at the factory level. Appearance issues such as misaligned or loose trim,Tailgates out of line,wheel finish or paint appearance. Along with many others. If we are all noticing these issues why didn't the factory. Items such as the upgraded UConnect was a know issue when the Jeep left the factory. They should have put a Factory Hold on it until they came out with the update. I kind of feel like they should have taken care it on their time ,not mine! I'm pretty sure they were aware of the AC control issue also.Still working on this. Recently I had the rear Air Shocks replaced due to the clunk in the rear end. Two days latter the clunk in coming back.This is not a new issue with Jeep as the are many post on here from recent years.So why is it taking so long to find a fix?
As far as the dealer taking care of warranty issues, Monday will be the forth time I will take it in for service concerning just the UConnect and AC issue. I find it strange and nu-nerving I am more aware of the issues than my service department. On a recent visit the service manager and service writer was not aware of the New UConnect update. The Tech was aware and informed both. So you take a vehicle in and the person writing it up is not aware of an Update and the vehicle is not sent to correct tech and lastly not repaired. I hate to keep bringing in info from this site for the dealer to read.
Possibly Jeep should have delayed the introduction of the 2014 until some of the issues were corrected,especially the electronics. Although some of the concerns rolled over from the 2012 and 2013 model years. Or maybe they should not produce so many trim levels and concentrate on perfecting one or two. They should also work harder on the dealer level to insure the staff is aware of what is available to address these concerns. One my most recent visit I offend my service writer by telling him about a TSB on my Jeep that he was not aware of. I asked him if he followed any of the Jeep Forums and his answer was that he stays so busy all day long working with customer complaints on GC's that he doesn't have time to read any of that crap.
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