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chill out folks.....

OP...these almost exact fender flares are used on the SRT. There have been some early in 2012 who had a few problems with them coming loose. SRT has fixed or replaced those flares. They will do the same for you. I suggest till you can get them replaced is to try one simple thing. Get the flare as dry as possible and heat up the raised area with a hair dryer.(do NOT use heat gun...too hot) Heat it up really good and then press the flare down and hold it for as long as you can. have some painters tape ready(blue 3m or the green frog type works well) and then tape the area down overnight. This has worked well for a few SRT guys. The problem with doing these flares in this manner is clothing, car wash brushes, car wash mitts etc. can get caught on corners and peel them away with enough force. Some of the other members are correct....3M tape is used industry wide on economy cars to supercars. I would guess 99% of emblems use this tape.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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