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2014 GC Totally $#@% dead

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I really wish I could say in a public forum just how freaking livid I am right now. $41,500 sticker on this damn thing, I go to fill up the tank tonight just to take it out in the dark, because I haven't seen the blue lighted interior yet. I picked it up on Wednesday and it's got 300 miles on it.

I notice the lights are flickering. Weird. Don't think much of it. Pull out of the driveway, it jumps out of gear, engine revs. Damn it, I must have hit the gearshift or something. I still haven't gotten used to how it works. I keep putting it in neutral by accident. So I put it back in drive. Go down the street, come to a stop at the corner. Lights are flickering more. I figure, "let me shut it off and then turn it back on again." I shut it off. The damn thing is totally dead. No lights anywhere. I open the door. No lights. I get out. Walk around it. What the hell am I going to do now? I open the door. Lights are on. I figure, let me drive it back home, just down the street.

It starts up, lights are flickering again. Pops out of gear again. Eff it. I pull it to the side of the road. It dies. I'm not moving this thing an inch more. Chrysler can come pick it up and tow it back to the dealership.

Only, they won't.

Seems Chrysler Roadside Assistance will only tow it to the nearest dealer. Which in my case, just happens to be the dealer I decided not to purchase from because their dealer rating is terrible, and their BBB record is awful. We had gone in there on a whim, and later canceled an appointment for a test drive when we found this out. I told the salesperson it was nothing against him, we enjoyed speaking with him and thanked him for his time, but we just couldn't purchase a car from the dealership he worked for.

So this is where they want to tow my car. Not to the dealer 15 miles further. I'll have to pay out of pocket for that.

I said no thanks, and started to call AAA (which I have because of my 2002 Wrangler). Then I decided, no, I want Chrysler to handle this 100%.

Called Roadside again and they tell me I didn't purchase Roadside Assistance. I ask them doesn't it come with every Jeep? Not necessarily they say. I say I'm pretty sure the F&I woman would've tried to sell me on that if it wasn't. She asks when I bought the car. I said Wednesday. Ah, might not be in the system. How did the other guy get my record up? She wasn't sure.

So I give her a credit card. I'm paying the whole tab this time, not just the extra 15 miles. They will email me a receipt that I can bring to the dealer.

Tow truck driver says can't tow it tonight. They'll hold it and then it will go to the dealer on Monday morning. Lovely. I wonder where they're bringing it? Gave him a $20 and I hope that helps it find a safe spot wherever it is. I should ask the dealer for the $20 back as well.

So my wife had to cancel her trip tomorrow. Didn't even make it to 400 miles and it crapped the bed. Right now? I hate the damn thing. Will I ever be able to trust this thing? Probably just a ground somewhere, but this is NOT a good sign.

I'm fracking livid right now. This is my wife's DD. What if it had decided to jump out of gear and die on the highway with my 5-year-old on board?

I am so not OK right now.

UPDATE: Chrysler Roadside automated call -- Service is expected to arrive within 20 minues. Um, I've been back at the house for 20 minutes already. Classic.

"Based on your roadside assistance today, would you recommend Chrysler products to your friends and family."

Guess what I answered to that question.
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check the ground location down below the pcm on the frame....
Sounds like a ground issue to me also.
Was going to update my post and say the Jeep has been flawless since we got it back. I even canceled the rental I had gotten for my wife for the week because we trusted it again. Stupid me. Stupid, stupid me. Wife was driving to dr. appt that she missed when it failed on her. Now she's getting the SERV4WD message (on a 2014? I thought they fixed this) and she's worried. Dealer says, "we'll call you about getting it in here for a loaner." I hope it makes it. When will this end?

Feeling really discouraged.
Take it back and tell them to keep it. They should put you in a new one! If they give any push back, hire a lawyer. If it was me i wouldn't take back at this point.
PB617 - Yeah, that's easy to say, not so easy to do. I have heard this from a lot of folks -- "I'd dump it on their doorstep and say take it back." Try that when you're on the hook with the leasing company. My assigned rep at Chrysler has pretty much stopped talking to me as well. Not sure why that is. I guess once the district manager said no way in hell was he going to swap out my GC, corporate deferred to him. My dealer just keeps saying "we'll fix it," completely ignoring the inconvenience this is causing me and my family and ignoring the fact that I can't trust this thing anymore.
There has to be someone higher up that you can talk to. How long do they plan on repairing a brand new car that can't go more then a week without breaking down? I know this is a bad situation and nobody wants to deal with legal battles and i would hope it didn't go that far and Chrysler will step up and do the right thing. How long before the lemon law takes effect?
This is my first american car also. I've had a few bimmers, a toyota, two nissans and my last car was a Mercedes. Every one of those cars i took into the dealership for warranty work never came back to me fully repaired to my satisfaction and in a few cases i got the car back damaged! I can write a book with some of the crap i've gone through with dealers. Out of all these cars the only one i can say would always "make it right" was Mercedes. BMW was OK too but in this case the dealership was known to be pretty bad so i can't fully blame BMW. Nissan was bad and Toyota wasn't great either.

The Mercedes i bought pre-owned had a few issues after the first day. The dealership was 53 miles away and each time they would send a driver to my house over an hour away with a new C class loaner. They would drop that off and take my car back to the dealership for service. The car had to go back 4 times! My service advisor was great everytime and I even got an apology in writing from the service manager. They did all the repair work and took care of the damages one of their drivers caused and never admitted to it...

It's a pretty shitty feeling when you buy a car and don't get to enjoy it. In the month that i owned that mercedes it spent more then 2 weeks at the dealer...I hope now that you got a lawyer involved they will step up and make it right. Take the jeep back and put you in a new one that will be trouble free. I have almost 1000 miles on mine and it's got a couple minor Uconnect issues that i'll have them look at when it goes in for the first oil change. Other then that i love it and hopefully they will put you in a new one so you and the family can enjoy it :thumbsup:
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