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2014 GC Totally $#@% dead

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I really wish I could say in a public forum just how freaking livid I am right now. $41,500 sticker on this damn thing, I go to fill up the tank tonight just to take it out in the dark, because I haven't seen the blue lighted interior yet. I picked it up on Wednesday and it's got 300 miles on it.

I notice the lights are flickering. Weird. Don't think much of it. Pull out of the driveway, it jumps out of gear, engine revs. Damn it, I must have hit the gearshift or something. I still haven't gotten used to how it works. I keep putting it in neutral by accident. So I put it back in drive. Go down the street, come to a stop at the corner. Lights are flickering more. I figure, "let me shut it off and then turn it back on again." I shut it off. The damn thing is totally dead. No lights anywhere. I open the door. No lights. I get out. Walk around it. What the hell am I going to do now? I open the door. Lights are on. I figure, let me drive it back home, just down the street.

It starts up, lights are flickering again. Pops out of gear again. Eff it. I pull it to the side of the road. It dies. I'm not moving this thing an inch more. Chrysler can come pick it up and tow it back to the dealership.

Only, they won't.

Seems Chrysler Roadside Assistance will only tow it to the nearest dealer. Which in my case, just happens to be the dealer I decided not to purchase from because their dealer rating is terrible, and their BBB record is awful. We had gone in there on a whim, and later canceled an appointment for a test drive when we found this out. I told the salesperson it was nothing against him, we enjoyed speaking with him and thanked him for his time, but we just couldn't purchase a car from the dealership he worked for.

So this is where they want to tow my car. Not to the dealer 15 miles further. I'll have to pay out of pocket for that.

I said no thanks, and started to call AAA (which I have because of my 2002 Wrangler). Then I decided, no, I want Chrysler to handle this 100%.

Called Roadside again and they tell me I didn't purchase Roadside Assistance. I ask them doesn't it come with every Jeep? Not necessarily they say. I say I'm pretty sure the F&I woman would've tried to sell me on that if it wasn't. She asks when I bought the car. I said Wednesday. Ah, might not be in the system. How did the other guy get my record up? She wasn't sure.

So I give her a credit card. I'm paying the whole tab this time, not just the extra 15 miles. They will email me a receipt that I can bring to the dealer.

Tow truck driver says can't tow it tonight. They'll hold it and then it will go to the dealer on Monday morning. Lovely. I wonder where they're bringing it? Gave him a $20 and I hope that helps it find a safe spot wherever it is. I should ask the dealer for the $20 back as well.

So my wife had to cancel her trip tomorrow. Didn't even make it to 400 miles and it crapped the bed. Right now? I hate the damn thing. Will I ever be able to trust this thing? Probably just a ground somewhere, but this is NOT a good sign.

I'm fracking livid right now. This is my wife's DD. What if it had decided to jump out of gear and die on the highway with my 5-year-old on board?

I am so not OK right now.

UPDATE: Chrysler Roadside automated call -- Service is expected to arrive within 20 minues. Um, I've been back at the house for 20 minutes already. Classic.

"Based on your roadside assistance today, would you recommend Chrysler products to your friends and family."

Guess what I answered to that question.
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Wow...I'd be pissed too. Hope everything gets fixed soon, no one should have a new car experience like this.

Looks like Chrysler Roadside Assistance isn't worth spit in a bucket.

I wouldn't blame road side assistance. They were ready and willing to do their job. They can't be held responsible if the local dealer is not up to snuff. The documentation clearly states that the owner is responsible for additional mileage.
I beg to differ...

I'd still blame Chrysler and their road side assistance, they SHOULD cover the vehicle's tow to the original dealership where it was bought...within reason of course...especially with only a couple hundred miles on it. The extra 15 minutes of drive time should not matter.
Got off the phone with Chrysler. I had really high hopes that they would come up with a solution.

Their solution: They will have their tech people talk to my dealer, and if i want, I can trade my GC in for a loss. They would be willing to give me a discount on a new GC though.

I'm at a a loss as to what to even say to that.
I would tell them to go pound sand, and say to them "See you in court".

It's stories like ours that drive people to buy foreign.
Sorry to hear about all your troubles with your Jeep. I don't blame you in the least...I hope you win BIG time.


This is my first American vehicle in 14 years myself, and I just dropped mine off at the dealership for the second time for the same problem...and I don't even have 500 miles on it yet!

And American car companies wonder why they they lost so much market share to the foreign car companies.

Hey AMC,

I wanted to mention something to you. The other day when I was swapping out my stock head light & fog light bulbs for better ones, on the passenger side you have to disconnect these two bus connectors in order to get your hand in there to replace the passenger headlight bulbs. You can't really tell from this picture...but the cheap plastic locking tab on the bus connector to the left that holds the red locking arm in the down (locked) position broke off on I had to use electrical tape to hold the red arm down. Maybe this could be part or all of your problem?

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I will post what my lawyer says. I hope it doesn't come to that. I'm sure Chrysler would rather swap this out now than pay my lawyer to do what looks like the inevitable.
Not to be a Debbie Downer, but don't count your chickens before they hatch on this statement. Large corporations are weird sometimes and would rather lose money in court having it their way (fixing your current vehicle instead of replacing it with a new one in your case) as a way of saving face. Replacing your vehicle with another new one to them is a sign of weakness.
I just don't get the poor customer service when it comes to American car manufacturers...wake up for God's sake.

When we go to BMW to have my fiance's 328iX serviced, you first drive your car into a nice heated/cooled garage (out of the rain or snow) onto a floor clean enough to eat off, you are then greeted by a BMW rep who takes your keys and offers you coffee & donuts, then you're wisked over to the desk of the "repair consultant" who takes your information and inputs it into BMW's computer system, and within minutes you are given a comparable newer 328 BMW loaner car.

My recent experience with my Chrysler dealership...totally the opposite, none of the above...everything is recorded on paper, I had to ask for a loaner, and what I got has been 2 year or older pieces of crap (Avenger or 200) that have warped rotors and smell like an ash tray.

Oh...and BTW, I never received a call back from Chrysler Customer Service after registering a complaint about my brand new Jeep getting a airbag service warning while driving off the lot (my Jeep is STILL in the shop for this for the second time), but I did get a call from a survey group asking about how Chrysler Customer Service treated me. I gave them all zero's.
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Isn't that amazing? The bit about things recorded on paper just boggles my mind. My wife said it was like stepping back in time.
In the service area they had a giant wall decated for folders for all the customers files! They better hope they never have a fire there! Makes me wonder about how can the Service department be qualified to work on the computer systems of their customers cars, but not know how to operate a simple computer for inputting customer data.

I did pretty much the same. Rated the dealer high for the initial purchase, rated them OK for their service afterward (this isn't really their fault), but when asked if I'd recommend a Jeep to anyone, it was a zero.
The survey I received over the phone last night was just for Chrysler Customer Service, not the dealership.
If you like jeeps buy them,if you like fords buys that if you like your BMW roll with that..make the best decision possible for YOURSELF and keep rolling with that.
I might of went with the Infinity FX37 if I knew I would be having these problems with my Grand Cherokee.
Them trade it in and go get your infinity.
You sound like Chrysler Customer Service...

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Well fix your complaints,don't just keep complaining.
Last time I checked, this was the "Trouble Shooting/Problems/Service" section...


If you know a way to expedite a back-ordered air bag module, by all means...pray tell.
I wonder what Chrysler thinks they will gain here by dragging their feet when it comes to setting this issue right with you. It's not like the 2014s have been problem free...far from it...and a lot of people know this, both inside and outside the company. It's like Chrysler has never heard the advant of the internet or of websites like these dedicated to certain classes of vehicles.

So all I see them gaining here is increased bad publicity...further proving the sterotype people have of Chrysler vehicles and how they are serviced.

I got back to the house with a huge smile on my face, and spoke to my wife about how different the shifting was and that the vehicle seemed fine. She said not only that, but the touchscreen seemed a lot more responsive. She said she used to have to really push on the icons, sometimes a couple times, and now everything was very snappy. She said there's no way this is a different vehicle, right? I had to laugh.
I very glad to hear you got your Jeep fixed finally! Yesterday was a good day, wasn't it!

Go Bruins!

Sounds like some people should be heading to a Mercedes dealership and an Audi dealership to pay more for their cars do they will feel like they get more at the service department.
In general, I've received better sevice at Toyota, Honda, and Nissan dealerships than I have at American vehicle dealerships. So your argument here doesn't hold water in my experiences.

You should make your full VIN number public so no one on this site tries to buy your used 2014 once you dump it!

You probably really need to push the issue of what you want to happen with the service manager at the dealer.
Agreed. Seems the Service Manager at my dealership did all the leg work and made things happen for my vehicle getting repaired (and the free NAV).

What's up with all these useless Chrysler corporate case managers and customer services reps? They always seem to end up being as useless as t**s on a bull.

Still no resolution yet amc, huh?


I totally know how you feel being without your Jeep. Believe it or not my GC just got out of the body shop...yep, got rear-ended 7 days ago (minor damage). The trailer hitch took most of the blow, glad I ordered it! Jeep was in the shop for 4 days getting the lower plastic pieces of the rear bumper replaced...good as new, total costs for the guy who hit me...$615.61 including rental (he paid out of pocket).

I've own my GC Limited for about a month now, and between my earlier issues with an airbag module and getting rear ended, my jeep has been in the shop for almost half that time...and I've driven 3 different loaner/rentals!

I prefer to know what's going on, especially on a $40k+ possession. With the amount of idiots out there in the world, I don't trust people to work on my stuff unless I know them and have a reason to trust them.

On top of that, the $25 I spent for the obd2 Bluetooth dongle and torque is way worth it. Being able to read the codes and know what your in for before you take it to the shop, and being able to clear codes pays for itself.

"I never had a vehicle that I liked this much, but had so little confidence in."

The current status of the 2014 JGC summed up in one sentence.
Bill's statement really does nail it for the 2014 GC, doesn't it!

Someone needs to send this quote to the quality department at Chrysler/Jeep.

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