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2014 GC Totally $#@% dead

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I really wish I could say in a public forum just how freaking livid I am right now. $41,500 sticker on this damn thing, I go to fill up the tank tonight just to take it out in the dark, because I haven't seen the blue lighted interior yet. I picked it up on Wednesday and it's got 300 miles on it.

I notice the lights are flickering. Weird. Don't think much of it. Pull out of the driveway, it jumps out of gear, engine revs. Damn it, I must have hit the gearshift or something. I still haven't gotten used to how it works. I keep putting it in neutral by accident. So I put it back in drive. Go down the street, come to a stop at the corner. Lights are flickering more. I figure, "let me shut it off and then turn it back on again." I shut it off. The damn thing is totally dead. No lights anywhere. I open the door. No lights. I get out. Walk around it. What the hell am I going to do now? I open the door. Lights are on. I figure, let me drive it back home, just down the street.

It starts up, lights are flickering again. Pops out of gear again. Eff it. I pull it to the side of the road. It dies. I'm not moving this thing an inch more. Chrysler can come pick it up and tow it back to the dealership.

Only, they won't.

Seems Chrysler Roadside Assistance will only tow it to the nearest dealer. Which in my case, just happens to be the dealer I decided not to purchase from because their dealer rating is terrible, and their BBB record is awful. We had gone in there on a whim, and later canceled an appointment for a test drive when we found this out. I told the salesperson it was nothing against him, we enjoyed speaking with him and thanked him for his time, but we just couldn't purchase a car from the dealership he worked for.

So this is where they want to tow my car. Not to the dealer 15 miles further. I'll have to pay out of pocket for that.

I said no thanks, and started to call AAA (which I have because of my 2002 Wrangler). Then I decided, no, I want Chrysler to handle this 100%.

Called Roadside again and they tell me I didn't purchase Roadside Assistance. I ask them doesn't it come with every Jeep? Not necessarily they say. I say I'm pretty sure the F&I woman would've tried to sell me on that if it wasn't. She asks when I bought the car. I said Wednesday. Ah, might not be in the system. How did the other guy get my record up? She wasn't sure.

So I give her a credit card. I'm paying the whole tab this time, not just the extra 15 miles. They will email me a receipt that I can bring to the dealer.

Tow truck driver says can't tow it tonight. They'll hold it and then it will go to the dealer on Monday morning. Lovely. I wonder where they're bringing it? Gave him a $20 and I hope that helps it find a safe spot wherever it is. I should ask the dealer for the $20 back as well.

So my wife had to cancel her trip tomorrow. Didn't even make it to 400 miles and it crapped the bed. Right now? I hate the damn thing. Will I ever be able to trust this thing? Probably just a ground somewhere, but this is NOT a good sign.

I'm fracking livid right now. This is my wife's DD. What if it had decided to jump out of gear and die on the highway with my 5-year-old on board?

I am so not OK right now.

UPDATE: Chrysler Roadside automated call -- Service is expected to arrive within 20 minues. Um, I've been back at the house for 20 minutes already. Classic.

"Based on your roadside assistance today, would you recommend Chrysler products to your friends and family."

Guess what I answered to that question.
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Ugh. Just read that. If my dealership didn't check it before sending ANY and EVERY damn GC out the door, I won't have any faith in them going forward. Is this the exact same issue?
I hope it's something they can FIND like that, and not some mysterious gremlin. Sucks that it's Sunday tomorrow and I'm on hiatus until Monday morning and the car isn't here. Otherwise I'd check. But I figured let the dealer go through the damn thing. I work on my 2002 Wrangler, I don't expect to have to touch my 2014.

Do these cars "reboot" if something happens? Everything went totally dead for a minute or two after the car shut down -- no internal lights, nothing. It was like the battery wasn't even connected. Then a minute or two later, the lights were back if I opened the door. It was weird.
Well, it was definitely over a minute each time where the entire car was totally and completely dead. No lights inside, open door still no lights. Nothing.

Oh well, hoping that the dealer finds whatever it is. We are coming from an Acura TSX Sportwagon that got totaled when a guy ran a red light and we hit him. Almost 30K miles on it and zero issues from day one. It was a big leap of faith going to Jeep this time for a new vehicle (my 2002 was a one-owner for 100K miles, so I figured it was a safe bet) and as you can imagine, I'm quite upset and kicking myself now, thinking I just did something REALLY stupid and now I'm going to pay for it.

Reading through all the issues on brand new vehicles that cost $40K is freaking me out. Maybe I should just go to bed. :)
Had a similar issue on my 2012. It was a loose alternator cable.
Has the car been totally solid since then? Just curious. If something like that can cause the thing to go so totally batcrap crazy, well, what's next? Over time, anything can get loose.
I beg to differ...

I'd still blame Chrysler and their road side assistance, they SHOULD cover the vehicle's tow to the original dealership where it was bought...within reason of course...especially with only a couple hundred miles on it. The extra 15 minutes of drive time should not matter.
Absolutely. The dealer is 32 miles away, 90% highway. In some areas of the country (say, NH, where I'm originally from), would they not tow a vehicle 32 miles to the nearest dealership?

I can almost understand if the car has 10K miles on it, but the car has just over THREE HUNDRED MILES on it and it stickered for $41,500. The CORRECT answer on the phone should have been, "you just picked it up on Wednesday and it's dead on the side of the road? Let me talk with a supervisor -- of course we will tow it to your dealer 32 miles away. I'm very sorry this happened."

THAT is the service that a vehicle manufacturer that plays against luxury brands should provide. I mean, if you really want to play with the big boys.

Instead, it's like VW and the Phaeton, where you buy a true luxury automobile and you're still stuck with VW service.

And bill_de - "But had he agreed to have it towed to his dealer of choice from the beginning he would have a smaller charge on his credit card this morning."

Oh, they will absolutely be paying for this. Not even a question. I will not be out of pocket for this. Either the dealer is paying, or Chrysler will. But I will not be on the hook for this.

Thanks for letting me vent, guys. After the accident with the Acura, the guy who ran the light turning out not to be insured, me being on the hook for $$$ for a rental, another Jeep dealer taking a deposit and then telling me they couldn't get the car, and me having to fight to get the deposit back, and now this, I'm just fricking exhausted by the whole damn thing. I just want a car that is solid in my driveway that my wife and 5-year-old can use, and that I don't have to worry about at all.

First world problems, I know.
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I feel your pain. My '11 died, as well (link to my post). Luckily, it looks like my dealer fixed my problem.

Chrysler/Jeep really does have to do something about their finicky electrical/electronic systems. IMHO, there is absolutely no excuse for a new modern vehicle becoming totally dead. Modern vehicles are very complex and problems are to be expected, but dieing is totally unacceptable.
Just read your post. Wow. Yeah, I gotta say I love my 2002 Wrangler. I bought it solely because it was a one-owner, and the guy had it 100K miles. I knew it was probably one of the "good ones," but the big thing is that there is so little to go wrong on them. One year later, and at 116K miles, the starter is the only thing that I've had to replace.

With any new vehicles, with sensors and computers everywhere, I think leasing will be my "new norm." I just don't see when these things start wearing, how these vehicles will stay on the road, and even if they do, how much will it cost? There is just too much to go wrong that they don't even know about. I also thought Chrysler was starting to address a lot of these issues since the days when they were dead last in all the quality ratings. We'll see. But for now, I am very glad I leased this thing and bought the extra 3 months of warranty. I'm covered for the full 39 months / 39000 miles bumper to bumper. So far, that seems to be the only good decision I made last Wednesday.

Yeah, I know I'm overreacting. I'm just pissed right now.
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Blame will be assigned shortly -- to a battery, to Chrysler, to whomever. I will talk to the service desk first thing Monday morning.

As for the TSB, there were no out of the ordinary warning lights on the dash, which is part of what concerned me. The dash was solid, no flickering. The flickering was from the headlamps only. Then the vehicle would pop out of drive and into neutral (better than popping into drive FROM neutral I guess), then when I tried shutting the vehicle off, it died completely. Might be the same issue, might not I guess. I guess it could be a weird battery issue, but the Jeep started totally fine, no indication of anything wrong with the battery.

My hope also is that it's a ground somewhere. What I don't want to happen is to have it be an "issue not found" and it ends up in my driveway with no diagnosis.
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Just some thoughts: with an alternator, the main control is the battery itself. If anyone has heard of "ELI the ICE man" then you know that an alternator is made up of magnetic fields. If at a high rate of charge at say 14v and you disconnect the battery, the field does not collapse instantly and you can get surges.

With a 55A GM 10DN I have seen 200v on a battery disconnect. The good news is that if the dash stayed steady then it probably had a good circuit to the battery. The headlamps flickering could indicate they did not.

When the trans popped, did the lever actually move from drive to neutral ? Or did the transmission seem to shift to neutral (two different issues). Also did the headlights flicker all the time or only at idle ? Was the a/c or heater on ? (increased load).

Must admit everything sounds like a bad connection or battery except for the jumping out of gear particularly if the lever moved.

BTW everything on until the starter engages then everything goes black is common with a bad battery or connection.
Lever did not move from what I remember. The transmission just popped out of gear. The headlights flickered while driving so it was not just at idle. I believe the ac was off. Car started fine. Flickered headlights, then popped out of gear. After that, first time I shut it off and everything went black. I couldn't even put the flashers on. Car was in the middle of the road in the dark with no flashers. Ugh. Walked home. Came back and car seemed fine. Started up fine, noticed headlights flickering and then the same procedure happened.

OK, well here's something I didn't expect. Dealer says "faulty ABS module." ??

I ask, "so *all that* was caused by a faulty ABS module?" He says "that's what the code was for, so we're replacing it, then we just have to road test it." I asked him to check all the ground locations, especially under the ECU and by the frame rail, he said they would. Don't know if I believe him, but we'll see.

He said it's on order, will take three days to come in.

Meanwhile, we're in a new(er) Jeep Liberty, which we're fine with.

This is not inspiring me with confidence, but we'll see what happens.

EDIT: My guess is that the ABS code could be a symptom of something else. Even, perhaps, a bad ground. Thoughts? It seems to be that instead of some kind of diagnosis here, they just read the codes and are popping in a new part. But I could most certainly be wrong.

Also, a bit of good news, Jeep corporate has contacted me about my post about this on their facebook page. I gave them my info and hopefully this will at least lead to them paying for my tow to the dealer.
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Thanks. Based on everyone's input here, even if I get it back and it's totally fine, I will be checking the two ground locations mentioned and the battery cable to make sure.

Really appreciated everyone. I know it's not that big of a deal and I'm FREAKING OUT and THROWING STUFF, but it's just an annoyance I didn't have time for, nor did I expect it from a brand new vehicle.

So thanks...
I'm sure I will love it too. I already miss it, and on Saturday night, I $#@%-ing HATED it.

Here is what I just sent to the "facebook" contact at Jeep corporate. I hope he can get it up the chain...


The dealership is telling me that the issue is a "faulty ABS module." What I would love to do is get information from one of Jeep's technicians why a faulty ABS module would cause popping out of gear, flickering headlamps, and a completely dead vehicle where you can't even turn on the hazard flashers. Does the Jeep "reboot" when it detects a failure like this? Because that's what it seemed to do. Here is what would satisfy me right now:
1) Explanation of how the ABS system works on a technical level and how it could cause the vehicle to exhibit the symptoms it did.
2) Assurance that Jeep will go through my entire vehicle front to back for quality control issues
3) Reimbursement of my $131 + $20 tip ($151 total) out of pocket for the tow to Town & Country Jeep in Levittown from near my home in Farmingville.

I hope Jeep can provide these three things for me. Thank you.
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Yes, it cranked fine. I don't know what the code was, and the dealership, while being very polite, has pretty much been only as communicative as they have had to be. I kind of got "yessed" when asking questions.

I don't have a lot of faith in their service department so far, but I suppose I could ask to speak to a technician. My wife said it was like stepping back in time in there. The whole place was whisper quiet, and instead of entering my issue in a computer, the service desk guy wrote it down by hand on the work ticket. I didn't notice if he even had a computer.

I don't want to be too pushy right off the bat with the service dept. I think it's serious enough that Jeep corporate is aware of this now. I'll let them do their jobs.

But I will say this -- if I get this rig back and this happens again? I am going to raise holy hell.

UPDATE: Just got word back on the Book-of-Face. Jeep "Top Care" team has all the info on my case. Not sure what that means yet, but I will try to be patient and not throw stuff. ;)
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Just got off the phone with Chrysler corporate after they initiated contact from my Facebook post (anyone having serious Jeep issues, I would encourage you to post there as it's public, and you'll be contacted by their customer care). The rep listened and proposed a solution I am happy with as far as the inconvenience and frustration I experienced that night.

He did made it clear that I have to push the dealership for communication and that if I am not satisfied with their efforts, that each dealership has key people and contacts at Chrysler to address any issues I might be having with the vehicle and that I should push them to pursue those avenues. I am fine with that. I probably need to be a little more assertive with them, but for now I want to give them a chance to do their jobs -- which right now, is replacing the ABS module according to codes the vehicle threw. We shall see.

If, after this, the issues have not been solved to my satisfaction, he would certainly like to hear about it and will follow up at that point, but for now, he was hoping this was a "one-off" issue that would be taken care of by the dealer.

So, happy with Jeep Corporate so far, now I'm looking for the dealer to step up.
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Got the Jeep back from the dealer this morning. I really do like this dealership so far, it has been pretty good experiences all around. It's behaving like a new vehicle again. The service guy said they tightened up some electrical grounds and replaced the ABS module. I'm going to cross my fingers and hope that yes, this was just a bad part and maybe a poor ground. So, I'd give the dealership an A on sales, an A on service, and an A for Jeep corporate on attending to my issue. I may revise later if something else comes up, but for now, I'm going to expect the best.
Thanks. My suspicion, based on other posts here in JG, was a ground as well. I will take the service manager at his word that he checked this, but I will verify what I can this weekend as well.
So I just got a look at the service ticket. Even though the service manager took everything down by hand, he did enter everything into the ticket.

Cause: Perform diagnosis for codes C2101-17, C2112A-16, U0100-00, U0125-00 - internal failure of ABS module
Correction: Check ABS Circuit, TSB's, All grounds, Remove/replace ABS module, clear codes, road test

So it looks like they went through everything. I wonder what the codes are for though? I haven't been able to find anything online corresponding to those. I guess they are specific Chrysler codes and not OBD-related?

UPDATE: Looks like from the codes I was able to find online (the first four seem to be ODB), that battery voltage was high, communication was lost with a bunch of sensors -- ECU, ABS, etc., ABS detected system voltage was above 17 volts. Would seem to indicate a grounding issue, maybe alternator cable or something. So @padgett, your hypothesis seems spot on. Probably a bad ground that killed the ABS module. Interesting. I wonder if they'll eventually have a TSB for this, and start checking all the 2014's at the dealers? Seems to be a few of us here who have run into this.
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So the Jeep seemed fine all weekend. I ran a few errands with it, no problem. This morning, my wife goes to take my 5-year-old to a doctor's appointment and she calls me in a panic. All the lights in the dash went out, and the windshield wiper starts going on. I said get to a safe place and shut it off. Before she can do that, it dies in the middle of the road. She is understandably totally freaking out. We're both still a little raw from the accident a month ago.

She finally gets the car restarted and got to the side of the road, but she's not in a safe place. I am 30 miles away hearing this. My stepson coincidentally had a doctor's appointment 20 minutes later as the same doctor, so he got behind the Jeep and put his flashers on, and eventually they decided to move it a few hundred feet into a parking lot. It was still acting weird.

When I got there, I looked around for the grounds I could see that were mentioned here. Alternator didn't seem to have a loose ground from what I could tell. Everything seemed tight. Maybe stuff needs to be removed, cleaned, then re-tightened? Why would the Jeep be fine for days and then suddenly start freaking out again? THAT is what makes this such a nightmare.

I just contacted Chrysler. 338 miles on the Jeep, dead twice in the middle of the road, I don't want the car back. I just don't trust it. No way I'd be able to take a trip in this thing out of state and have any belief we would make it back safely.
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Spoke with someone at Chrysler, who was very sympathetic, said I was a small small minority that had two problems like this in 300 miles and that he certainly felt that this was not the "new owner experience" that people looked for and that hopefully Chrysler would be able to take care of swapping this out, but said it's up to the NY district manager to decide about buybacks. He heard back from the manager while I was on the phone who told him "absolutely not -- we can fix anything." So apparently Chrysler has put the fear of god into the dealership service department and the company is sending someone there to personally "fix" this issue.

It doesn't seem like Chrysler swapping this out is an option right now, and the law is not (yet) with me. Am I being a wuss for not raising holy hell about this? Everyone's telling me "drop the car off with the keys and tell them you're not taking it back," but it's not as easy as that. I want to follow official channels and such, but I do not want to put my wife and child back in this car.

What a $#@% nightmare this is. Isn't owning a NEW CAR supposed to be a great experience? There is so much else going on in my life right now that I don't have time for this. I need a 100% reliable vehicle. Chrysler is going to expect me to take this back once it's "fixed," and I don't trust it enough to take me around the block.
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Wow. So now I'm getting the run around. Apparently the local representatives are telling corporate, what are you so upset over? The customer brought the car in, we fixed it, and it's only back in for the second time. It's just a warranty issue and we will handle it.

I told them are you kidding me? This is a DANGEROUS situation where the car SHUTS OFF IN THE ROAD. It's not an air conditioning malfunction or the radio stopped working, it is DANGEROUS.

I am livid. I just want to turn this thing in, be done with it, and go back to Acura at this point. This is the most horrible customer service I have encountered so far. Apparently corporate has no pull over the local reps. They can just offer what they would "like to see happen."
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