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I intend to exchange my 2011 GC headlamps into 2014.
Has anyone a wiring diagramm of the connector?
What year and trim level are you planning to install these into?

Which model 2014 headlights were you considering?

There are a couple of unknowns.

1. Will they physically fit and match with the grille (no one has reported back on this as yet)

2. Will you have swap out the entire front bumper and grille

The 2014 halogen housing now has a four pin single row molex connector to power the low beam.

The the turnsignal, highbeam and sidemarker are still the same. So if someone was considering updating the front end of a 2011-2013 to a 2014 it would not be that hard to make the adapter for the halogen to halogen swap.

Okay onto the 2014 Bixenon.

The headlight uses a 16 pin molex connector the feeds all the functions, such as low beam, high beam, LED DRL, LED turnsignal and LED sidemarkers

One thing to note the on the headlight there is no amber park light it uses the LED DRL at a lower intensity as the park light.

Swapping these headlights into a 2014 laredo requires:

Adapting all the separate plugs into the single 16 pin per side.

Adapting a DRL harness to control the LED DRLs

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I plan to change the complete front of my GC 11 into a 14' Summit.
My GC is equipped with bixenon headlamps (12-pin connector).
When I analysed the pin configuration of the old 12 pin and the new 16 pin connector following differences are not clear:

- the 12 pin connector has 2 pins with " lin bus lighting and lin bus lighting return" which are not available in the 16-pin connector.
What is the application for this pins?
Were these wires needed in the 14" headlamps?

-What is the voltage for the LED DRL and the LED turnlights?
12V or 5V?

Yesterday I got my new 14' bixenon headlamps.
Th challange is to implement the sytem without electrical damages...

Has anybody already a wiring diagramm of the 14' headlamp harness?
The mopar wiring repair site has the 2014 connector pin outs for the the 16 pin conectors.

Most of the wires in the 12 pin connector power and control the headlight range adjustment motors.

The the pin outs on the 2014 don't give much indication as to which pin location control the range adjusters.

You may have to trace all the wiring from your existing vehicle so you can attempt to to retain the functions you currently have
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