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My 2014 Cashmere Summit with Brown Interior should be here soon!!!!

I have been following this link for some time. Enjoy the comments of the few who are getting the Cashmere. The wait is getting as exciting as a kid feels before Christmas.

Love the look of the Chashmere - totally agree with all who say it looks "classy".
really is a different "appeal" imho than the other more traditional jeep colors. Wife and I have traditionaly been black and silver,with the rare white vehicle in the garage over the years. This time, just had to make a radical change (at least for us)

If everyone is smiling right, I am to receive before by the 10th of June.......

With that, could I ask a couple of questions ?'s:

Window Tinting

Has anyone already done or thought of installing matching window tint on their front driver and side windows? What about on the front window. I know each state has different rules and in kansas it is 20%. What about any on the front?

I have no had tint matting adding to a window before, but dont really like the stark difference they seem to have now. I live in Kansas and believe limit is 20%, which would match factory dyed windows I believe. Have heard some tint shops are excellent on this and others are not. Also heard they can scratch.

What are some thought/feedback? Am I crazy for thinking of doing this on a new very expensive car?


I haven't found any all-weather mats that look like they will match the brown of the interior. Any thoughts?

Thank you for any thoughts, observations and opinions. Just wanting to learn and wh better to ask then the experts.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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