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Are you thinking of upgrading your 2014 Jeep Cherokee's headlights to HID with an HID kit and the Fog lights to LED but are unsure of what to expect?

We recently received some great feedback from a forum member who recently installed the XenonDepot 5000k HID Kit and 5000k CREE LED bulbs in his 2014 Cherokee and was kind enough to post up some pictures and provide feedback. The 2014 Cherokee uses 9012 bulbs for the low beams and high beams meaning that you would need to order a 9006 HID kit if you are considering this upgrade. The fog lights use PSX24W bulbs meaning you would need to get PSX24W LED bulbs or 5202 HID kit. Here is what you would need to get:

1) 2014 Jeep Cherokee with Halogen Lighting Package. If you are unsure about which color temperature to select, keep in mind that 4300k will provide you with the closest output to stock HID lighting and the higher you go in terms of color temperature the less actual useable light output you will get. Please view this HID Kit Buying Guide for more info.

2) You will have to use a relay harness and resistors or HID low beam failure fix when upgrading your headlights to HID. The Cherokee Lighting Package comes with the Xtreme HID kit which includes a relay harness. You also get resistors to prevent any sort of flickering or error codes being thrown when the kit is installed.

3) The XenonDepot 9006 Xtreme HID kit will be plug+play. The kit will come with proper 9006 connectors that will plug into your vehicle's OEM 9012 headlight harness and will not require you to cut, tap, or splice any wires.

4) Additionally the lighting package includes a set of PSX24W 30W CREE LED bulbs for your fog lights. These are designed to be a direct replacement to your stock halogen bulbs. You can select 5000K or 6000K color temperatures and for a perfect match with the LED daytime running lights on the Cherokee it's recommended to go with 5000K. Or you can go with a 5202 HID kit for the fog lights if you want better light output.

Easy, right? Well, the headlights proved to be a bit more challenging since the headlight bulbs have a back cover on them that (for me) was impossible to get off. Here’s a pic of what the cover looks like.

Check out the pictures below to see some pictures of the 5000k HID kit and LED bulbs installed in a 2014 Jeep Cherokee.

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