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I'm seeing some discrepancies across shopping websites and with Dealers as to what 2013 accessories will work on 2014's.

So far, despite conflicting info, I seem to have worked out that the following should be good for the 2014:

Slush mats and cargo liner OEM: ending 3686 and 2085 respectively (same as 2011-13)
Full vehicle cover OEM ending 2084 (same as 2011-13)

It seems that the front end cover for the 13 will not fit the 14. Anyone have a sense of when that might become avail for the 14?

I've also learned that the available splash guards won't fit a Summit. Anyone know if there's an alternative set for the Summit?

Also, anyone used ? Their prices and shipping seem better than amazon; where often one finds the only solution is to ship various components from different vendors. I called my dealer for confirmation of parts for my model and they were short of useless, and really not informed on the 2014 accessories at all. I'd like to effectively protect my new Summit from day one, so any input greatly received. Thanks.
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