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I'm still messing with the antenna mounting on this car. There is not a good place to put a reasonable dual band antenna. My initial desire was to put one on the rear tailgate door but there is too much stuff in the way, pinch detectors on both sides, plastic bumpers that are riveted in place, the glass is very thick and leave no room to mount a lip mount, etc.

I may break down and buy a cheap set of crossbars for the roof and put a motorized Diamond mount there. I am looking at all other options first including a hood/fender mount but I dislike the location and drilling holes in the fender to mount it.

Still pondering it all.....
Did you ever figure out the best antenna setup?
I have a 2016 GC and right now am just running a cheap o mag mount but need something a little more permanent. Like you, drilling hole through the the roof will never happen. I was hoping the Larsen glass mount would perform reasonable well, if not through the rear tailgate window possibly in the rear quarter back window.

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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