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I've never done any modding on any of my vehicles. I'm vaguely waiting to order the GC diesel and have a couple of questions about 'fixing' some of the visuals of the truck that bother me if I eventually get it.

1. The spoiler. What's up with this thing? To me it really throws off the dimensions of the truck, giving it a big ol butt. Its my least favorite aspect of the vehicle. Is there a relatively simple option of removing it? I know there's a brake light in there. Something more complicated to be done?

2. I'm considering the Summit, but I really dislike the chrome on the front fascia, atleast the part that curves up above 'the eye'. I don't really know what plastidipping is. Could you just plastidip that chrome above the eye and leave the rest? Other options to black it out?


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hmmm...that spoilers gonna be a big problem if you don't like it. I guess it could be removed and smoothed with some serious body work.

Plastic dip or take it to a pro body shop. They can scuff it and paint.
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