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2014 JGC Overland with 2800 miles - Complete Malfunction - IMPORTANT PLEASE READ!!!

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I'll try to keep this brief and will answer any questions I don't make clear in this thread.

I bought a brand new 2014 JGC Overland with Tech package on April 30, 2013 in the Northern Virginia area.

1st issue (and somewhat minor): As we all know, the RA4 Nav (along with the RA3) has several issues. I won’t go into them here but whatever you can dream up is probably what's happening to mine. Blue screen during reverse, freezes up, etc. Taken back to the dealer and several times for repair but to no avail.

2nd issue and a bit more severe: 1900 miles in, the crankshaft sensor failed and Jeep had to be towed. The service center's response was that a piece of paper (or something) between two areas was not installed during the manufacturing and therefore, causing a short and the jeep to shut down. It was fixed and life went on. Thinking it's an isolated issue I didn't push it.

3rd issue and this time very severe: This past Friday, 2879 miles in, I goto start the vehicle cold from my garage and the entire dashboard lit up with every indicator light illuminated on the instrument cluster. Once again, had to be towed.

I called Chrysler and in review of their internal records history and the overwhelming amount of issues surrounding this vehicle, they have automatically Placed it on the "Enhanced Customer Service Program (ECSP)". Has anybody ever heard of this Program? Apparently, it was assigned an official case number, assigned a Chrysler technician to monitor the vehicle at the service center, supplied me with a car rental and are and also paying my next months car payment! The check is already in the mail to me. Upon calling the local Jeep service center yesterday, they informed me that during their diagnostics check the car produced 17 failure codes! Yes, 17! They cleared the codes, which I obviously responded that's a bandaid and they need to find the heart of the problem. They said they are working with Chrysler to resolve it.

Upon learning this, I called Chrysler and told them I am no longer interested in accepting the vehicle and prefer they buy it back instead as I now believe it qualifies. Due to my request, ECSP transferred my case from them to "Impartial Services Group (ISG)" just today. I have no idea if I made a good/bad decision having it transferred to ISG, but from what I read, they are a third party company hired by Chrysler to resolve this issue. Can anybody shed some light if it's possible ISG may or may not buy the vehicle back or replace it? Has anybody ever heard of these Chrysler programs? Seems pretty high up the chain that perhaps I have a shot, but having never gone through this before I am rather clueless. Any feedback would be appreciated and any questions you have I am happy to answer.

I intend to show them that I am a loyal Jeep owner, having owned five previous Grand Cherokees, proving this vehicle is deemed unsafe and unfit to drive and that I have no interest in accepting back a vehicle that's been taken apart, shredded or whatever. I don't know the lemon laws in Virginia but hoping I don't need to go that route. I hear lemon law buy backs are not as good as chrysler just agreeing to buy back the vehicle. Thoughts on this matter are appreciated, especially, from those who may had similar experiences. I also attached an image of the cluster below immediately following issue number threes occurrence. What are the pros and cons of Chrysler buying back the vehicle if they agree to?



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You should read the last 10 posts or so in this thread:

You might want to PM marosenb who is currently dealing with ISG concerning a buy back.

The link you posted does not work. Please repost.
I understand that their are alot of codes but your not even giving them a chance to fix the issue, your jumping to the very end of it. AMC had worse problems than you are stating and they finally fixed it, he couldn't be more happy. We are all early adopters of this vehicle and things are going to happen with the new architecture. I know we all spent a alot of money on these vehicles but things can happen, it is electronics and they can go funky. Atleast let them try to fix the issue before wanting to have them buy it back.

The link you posted does not work. Please repost.
It's a long thread, but in your situation, it's worth reading. It will shed light on many of your questions.
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Thanks ill check it out.
Be aware that power, grounding, and com issues can trigger many fault codes from one fault. For eample just about any of the modules will trigger on low or high voltage and a failed/failing alternator or a bad ground could cause either.

In fact any time I see a number of faults the first thing I look for is a common factor.

That said some of the modules seems to be very sensitive to anomalies - the ABS module is often being reported.

I suspect the answer is that the '14s need to have a "power conditioning module" (BFC) added to prevent excursions.

BTW my '12 has been faultless (even with a F*rd 150 up its tailpipe) but if I were going to put a tablet or any good electronics in a '14 I wouldn't use 12v directly, I'd use the device's factory power supply and a 110v inverter to provide filtered power.
Sounds like a voltage issue to me. Probably a simple fix. Mine did a similar thing. ABS sensor warning and the air suspension wouldn't operate during that warning. Went and had lunch and came back with no issues. Had dealer check it out and they found it was a low voltage warning and not an ABS warning (even though the 7" screen said service ABS). Problem never came back and all grounds are tight. My guess is the radio units are still drawing/draining too much juice and there are some voltage issues that cause modules to throw errors.

Just my 2 cents (and prior experience with over 5000 miles on this 2014 GC Overland).
I had all the codes come on twice. It didn't keep me from driving the car. The problem is with whatever is generating the codes. All of those items didn't fail. They changed the PCM in my case and no more codes.

No reason there for Chrysler to take the car back, unless they can't fix it.

Cool. That's one thing they mentioned doing was replacing the PCM. I will keep you posted.
"I don't know the lemon laws in Virginia"

I would suggest finding out what the law is in your state so at least you know what steps to take if necessary. Lemon Laws are usually pretty straight forward so worth the few minutes to research. Best wishes...
I sent you a PM, but I will post this here as general information.

ISG handles the process of replacement vehicles/buybacks for Chrysler. If it has already gone to ISG, then Chrysler has already decided to replace your vehicle. ISG does not make any decisions on if it will happen, they just move everything through the process.
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Probably would get better responses in the troubleshooting sub-forum. Seems like most people with issues post them there.
Thanks for the tip, Keirik! I didn't even think to do that.
My dash lit up too and threw every code. Took it to the dealer and they said that the fuses were not seated properly before they delivered the car to me. Its been fine since.
Mine was in the shop for over 2 weeks for the opposite - dash went completely blank along with air system failure. End of the day Chrysler made it right, haven't had any issues since.
After reading posts similar to this, day after day, why do people still purchase this vehicle. It is like playing Russian roulette!
After reading posts similar to this, day after day, why do people still purchase this vehicle. It is like playing Russian roulette!
You are talking about a very small percentage of vehicles. As I work with all manufacturers of all vehicles I can tell you buy backs are a reality. I read into this further only because of the crank sensor issue. I have a client with a 2013 that was bought back with a similar ghost issue but here is the kicker.

Chrysler is dealing with the issues and fairly promptly in that case. I am not going to point any fingers but there are certainly MANY other manufacturers that would not be so quick to respond to the customer needs. Trust me, problems exist with every vehicle, it is how the company stands by the clients that help.

I don't own one yet, I spend lots of time here seeing all the problems and I will still buy one because it is better than the alternatives.
I am one of those people who has used their Jeep less while owning it than the time it has been in the shop. And while I was upset, at first, I actually find reading the posts on this forum to be calming. Consistent with the experiences of some others posting about issues, I have to say that Chrysler has stayed in touch, worked to make sure I will be satisfied with my JGC once it has been returned to me, and has been apologetic about the issues. My dealer's service center has also tried to help get me back in my new car.

Okay, I am not back in it yet but the new ABS module is supposedly on its way and I should be driving it soon. If Chrysler follows through on maintaining customer satisfaction, and if the issues have truly been repaired, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend others to buy a new Jeep. But...

I would tell them to read this forum so they have full knowledge of issues that a percentage of owners have experienced. And I would recommend that they order a new Grand Cherokee rather than take one off the lot so that they have a vehicle built after Jeep figured out how to resolve the early growing pains in their new model. And last, I would tell them that if they experience any issues, they should immediately go to their dealer's service center and have the issues checked out. Document the problem and try to get it resolved. Why their dealer's service? Because then, if they are a good dealer, they can have their salesperson and the service team at the dealer who sold the car all working with them to get Chrysler to resolve any issues. Having that support team does a lot more than just getting angry with a Chrysler rep.

Did I know there could be problems before I bought my Jeep? Yeah. Did I think I would experience them? No. But it happened. In the end, if all goes well, I will be back in that great vehicle I thought I was buying and that I hope to be driving for the next ten years.

Oh yeah, last point: I would also tell that person to whom I recommended a Jeep that while these problems might only be with a small percentage of vehicles, for peace of mind, get the extended warranty.
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I've owned two true lemons in my lifetime, a 2009 Jaguar XF Supercharged and a 2012 Ford Focus Titanium. Jaguar bought the XF back and even paid for the tinted windows and clear bra I had put on the car. It was a fairly easy process and I give total props to them for taking car of me.

Ford Motor Company is an entirely different story. I had more MyFord Touch issues than I could count and no matter how I approached them they kept telling me that they were working on solving the issues and to be patient. I suppose I could have gotten an attorney but life is too short to have a crappy car. I lost a lot of money on that one. That and sometimes you can get farther without an attorney because once you hire one they only want to communicate with them and not you, and it costs a lot of money, which you may or may not recover (those damn car companies have deep pockets!!) On the other hand, sometimes the only way to get their attention is to mention a lawyer. I guess it just depends on the manufacturer, the nature of the problem, how widespread the problem is within the company, and who knows what other factors have a play too?

Both companies theoretically assigned my case to some sort of manager who oversaw the process. Jaguar was great but Ford had some serious communication issues and every time I called I talked to someone else that didn't know what was going on or seemed confused as to why I was told "xyz" from my prior phone call. Oddly enough, this is when Jaguar was owned by Ford, so go figure.

Anyway, my advice is that if they want to buy it back I'd say absolutely go for it if you can get into a new vehicle (whether you walk away or accept a new '14 JPG) without too much (if any) out-of-pocket expenses. It's not your fault it keeps breaking, you know?

While others have had good experiences on forums in terms of support and whatnot from other members throughout the process, this was not the case with my Focus. The whole ordeal brought out a lot of jerks who told me I was being too picky and to be patient and blah blah blah. Very invalidating. I suppose it was mostly out of defensiveness or for those owners who couldn't or wouldn't empathize with me because they hadn't experienced it for themselves. Hopefully that won't happen here.

I wish you the best of luck and look forward to hearing about your case!!

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