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After reading posts similar to this, day after day, why do people still purchase this vehicle. It is like playing Russian roulette!
You are talking about a very small percentage of vehicles. As I work with all manufacturers of all vehicles I can tell you buy backs are a reality. I read into this further only because of the crank sensor issue. I have a client with a 2013 that was bought back with a similar ghost issue but here is the kicker.

Chrysler is dealing with the issues and fairly promptly in that case. I am not going to point any fingers but there are certainly MANY other manufacturers that would not be so quick to respond to the customer needs. Trust me, problems exist with every vehicle, it is how the company stands by the clients that help.

I don't own one yet, I spend lots of time here seeing all the problems and I will still buy one because it is better than the alternatives.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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