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2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit 3.0 Eco diesel
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Hello all this is my first post on here and not sure if this topic has already been covered but here we go.

About a week ago I walked outside to see my Jeep practically sitting on the wheels. I have 275/65R18 Hankook Dynapro ATM tires that have never rubbed of anyone is wondering that is the max size that will fit and still give you full turn radius with no rub. But now that my suspension is bottomed out front and rear I can't leave the driveway without it making horrible sounds. I have the service suspension immediately notification and a list of codes that seem to come back in a day after cleared. The Jeep is stuck in OR2 but clearly looks like a low rider. I took to the dealership and they want me to leave it there for a week before even considering looking at it cause of how backed up they are so I can't even get an estimate for repairs. However I was told expect to spend $3000+ cause I will likely need all new struts and shocks and a compressor plus labor. And if it happens to be the Air Suspension Control Module (ASCM) that part can't even be ordered so expect $2800 just for that part. All this before ever even looking at my car. I told him I won't just leave my car to sit for a week before someone looks at it and I was refused service if I wouldn't leave them with my vehicle. Took to a different repair shop and they looked at it immediately and said I need all new struts and shocks but said nothing about the compressor or ASCM. During my troubleshooting I have checked all fuses, replaced the relay and done a battery disconnect reset of the vehicle and cleared all codes. In Alfaobd I can read codes in ASCM and have done a compressor circuit test successfully and can see the pressure in each strut but can't raise or lower the vehicle. Will the compressor not start if it detects too low of pressure from reservoir or is it shot? I am pretty inventive and mechanically inclined. So I studied the system a bit and have figured out a temporary solution till I can figure out what is actually wrong with my system. I have used 1/8in NPT tank valves on the front struts and have used a portable air compressor to inflate to 120psi and the front appears to be normal ride height (NRH) now and thus far no leaks. But this is hopefully just a temp situation till I can find the root cause of my issues as I refuse to burn money swapping parts out till I eventually figure out what failed. Any ideas?

-Service suspension immediately notification
-vehicle is nearly sitting on tires
-never had any previous issues
-vehicle states it's in OR2 and I don't hear compressor kick on
-all fuses are good and relay has been replaced
-codes listed in Alfaobd C1562, C15D9, C1562, C15A1, C211B, and now after troubleshooting C2212
-must use vehicle as it's my only car have now tried diy fix to get me by
-schrader valves installed on front struts and manually inflated to 120psi and is holding at NRH with no leaks so I think my front struts are good and don't need replacement
-very cheap and easy fix for front so far but need help solving what actually needs to be replaced and where the rear air suspension connection is???
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The front is about NRH after Schrader valve mod but rears are still bottomed out. Can't find the location of the air line connection for rear.
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The size of the port on the top is 1/8in NPT so any custom stuff you want to install will require a 1/8in MIP connection to whatever you want to do.


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Nice write up, I hope you get it figured out.
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