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2014 JGC Texting Success

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Hi all,

After delivery of my 2014 Grand Cherokee I was really disappointed when my AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 i747 failed to work with the Messaging function on my radio. The Messaging button was greyed out and I searched fruitlessly for a workaround. Well, I'm happy to report I now have my Grand Cherokee reading my texts incoming out loud and I am using my voice to author new texts and send them out.

Here is a guide to rooting your phone: READ CAREFULLY

AT&T Galaxy S3 Rooting, ROMs, and Hacks - Android Forums at

This fix will require that your Galaxy S3 is rooted. You will need to flash the operating system to the following ROM:

The ROM is located here:


You will need to download Build 7:

Downloads - d2att-d2tmo -

Flash the ROM per the instructions on your ROOTED S3.

This ROM has updated Bluetooth MAP profiles that enable the texting functions to work on the radio.

DISCLAIMER: I assume no liability if you brick your phone. If you have never rooted and flashed a new ROM on your phone I highly suggest you do your homework prior to doing so as the result could be an inoperable device. Although flashing your ROM is easy and relatively safe it will void the warranty in most cases. Although I have never had any problems I consider myself pretty tech savvy. It is a very easy process as long as you know what your doing.

Oh by the way, I am loving the new functionality and now I dont have to get a blackberry! ENJOY and good luck!!!
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My messaging worked great until the 13.19 update. I had a Galaxy S3 on AT&T with stock android 4.1.1. ATT released 4.1.2 last week so I tried that. Didn't work. Everyone on the uconnect side says it is jeep's problem not theirs and everyone I talk to at jeep just mentions "compatibility" and that they don't know the answer.

According to the uconnectphone website, the only phone that is supported for the voice texting feature is the HTC ONE. I wonder if they got a contract with jeep or something to eliminate the "compatibility" of the other phones with new software "updates". This is bs.
Are there phone models that work 100% with the messaging feature the way it is intended? Please post your model if it works with all the uconnect messaging features.
According to the website, the only phone that works is the HTC One
it works perfectly with iphone ;)
False. The iPhone doesn't support the voice to text feature.
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