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Just installed the Slyvania Ultra H11 bulb in my fog lights which in my opinion gives off a much cleaner wider range for my fogs over stock. I know most people go for a nice cool blue but i feel these lights give an aggressive view plus performance

2. for those who dont know where to begin changing out your fog lights, look for the whole that sits directly in front of your tires. Stick your hand upwards in the hole and feel your way around for the wire connects that fit into the fog bulb casing. simply rotate out. Be advise, you need to wear gloves to keep oil off the bulb and the bulb can be extremely hot.

3. images of fog lights installed

4. performance out put of fogs on by there self. no headlights on

5. Headlights plus fog lights

its almost like having two sets of head lights on at the same time. hope to install different head light bulbs to give a larger, brighter, cleaner over all look
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