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i dont know if you can yet.
If the system uses some sort of checksum, im thinking it work work... if it doesnt, it might work by swapping file names, or recreating the swf file with the new image.

The main problem is.. loading the update back in - if it fails - what happens!?? LOL whos going to try it first!?


more fun stuff inside the swf file(s)

protected function defineColorValues() : void
this.mColorValues["MainThemeColor"] = {hexValue:1409780, hue:-53, saturation:100, brightness:-26, contrast:0};
this.mColorValues["SecondaryThemeColor"] = {hexValue:102, hue:240, saturation:100, brightness:40, contrast:0};
this.mColorValues["BarThemeColor"] = {hexValue:16777215, hue:0, saturation:0, brightness:100, contrast:0};
this.mColorValues["White"] = {hexValue:16777215, hue:-0, saturation:-100, brightness:100, contrast:100};
this.mColorValues["Grey"] = {hexValue:14474460, hue:-0, saturation:-100, brightness:-65, contrast:13};
this.mColorValues["DarkGrey"] = {hexValue:6710886, hue:-0, saturation:-100, brightness:65, contrast:13};
this.mColorValues["Desaturate"] = {hexValue:16777215, hue:0, saturation:-100, brightness:0, contrast:0};
this.mColorValues["Black"] = {hexValue:0, hue:0, saturation:0, brightness:0, contrast:0};
this.mColorValues["None"] = {hexValue:-1, hue:0, saturation:0, brightness:0, contrast:0};
this.mColorValues["LightGreen"] = {hexValue:4639814, hue:120, saturation:66, brightness:80, contrast:0};
this.mColorValues["DarkGreen"] = {hexValue:1723674, hue:120, saturation:66, brightness:30, contrast:0};
this.mColorValues["LightOrange"] = {hexValue:16758309, hue:40, saturation:85, brightness:100, contrast:0};
this.mColorValues["DarkOrange"] = {hexValue:8411923, hue:40, saturation:85, brightness:50, contrast:0};
this.mColorValues["LightRed"] = {hexValue:16711680, hue:0, saturation:100, brightness:100, contrast:0};
this.mColorValues["DarkRed"] = {hexValue:10027008, hue:0, saturation:100, brightness:60, contrast:0};
this.mColorValues["DarkBlue"] = {hexValue:23193, hue:205, saturation:100, brightness:60, contrast:0};
this.mColorValues["Darken"] = {hexValue:-1, hue:0, saturation:0, brightness:-50, contrast:0};
this.mColorValues["Lighten"] = {hexValue:-1, hue:0, saturation:0, brightness:50, contrast:0};
this.mColorValues["LightBlue"] = {hexValue:3394815, hue:0, saturation:100, brightness:100, contrast:0};
this.mColorValues["WarningOrange"] = {hexValue:16758566, hue:40, saturation:85, brightness:100, contrast:0};
this.mColorValues["SuccessGreen"] = {hexValue:4705351, hue:0, saturation:100, brightness:100, contrast:0};
this.mColorValues["AlertRed"] = {hexValue:15073280, hue:0, saturation:100, brightness:90, contrast:0};
this.mColorValues["LightRedUnsaturated"] = {hexValue:11763069, hue:0, saturation:30, brightness:70, contrast:0};
this.mColorValues["LightBlueUnsaturated"] = {hexValue:8229811, hue:216, saturation:30, brightness:70, contrast:0};
}// end function

764 Posts
my next question.. is how does it know what model you have?

The update is for ALL RA4's.... so how does it know? Im wondering if there is a setting in the engineering menu? Has to be.. no way can it "tell", there must be something.

If this is the case.. then we should be able to at least change the background/model
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