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So far so good, I just have a little over 1800 miles on it so far. No issues to speak of at this point (knock on wood).

I have done all the same lighting MOD's as you and so far all is well there. For the rear brake/signal LED, I put the resistor right in the housing and put some double sided tape/puddy over it to help asorb the heat (since it's close to all the wires). It's been several weeks and all is good still there, no melting.

What are you using for the 5k fogs? LED or HID? I used a LED which looks great w/ the DRL's, but definitely does not produce much usable light. Also are not as bright from the exterior as I thought they'd be. (look about the same brightness as the DRL"s when in dimmed park mode, but when DRL's are in full brightness, the fogs barely even noticable) that is during the day of course, I like to use them w/ the DRL's lol.

Also, with the front speaker upgrade... Did you notice a big difference in sound quality? I didn't think the Alpines were that bad, but hearing others changing them out and having much better quality makes me want to consider doing them also. Is it worth the upgrade? (approx how much did they cost ya?)
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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