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I've had the car now for a month and a half and I'm still loving it, but with a child on the way, if I don't do some of the upgrades now, it probably will never happen. Anyway, this is what I'm thinking about doing and let me know your input and suggestions for things that I are not listed.

Wheels: Plasti dip black to see if I want to pay the extra money later to get them powder coated and painting brake calipers orange. High School colors were orange then went to Univ. of Tennessee so I like in your face orange to contrast the black wheels.

Exterior: Adding mud flaps and bug shield (I work on a busy road where they wet the road to keep the dust down and there are some nasty pot holes). I'm torn between chrome and smoke on the bug deflector. I never had been much of a chrome person, but I had one on a dark blue Silverado and it looked nice. Probably will add rain deflectors for the windows too. Replacing fog lights with LED. Had it on all the other Jeeps that I have owned, so I have already added the "It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand" decal.

Interior: Will probably follow 655321's thread and replace most of the interior lights to LEDs. Upgrading center console speaker to a MTX 3.5" to improve bluetooth phone conversations. Want to upgrade the subwoofer and/or amp but will wait to see if anyone else figures out how to do that.

Let me know what you think about these changes. Anything that I do, I'll take pictures and either post it here or in the other thread linked at the end. I know that it's nothing too major yet, but little things that will personalize it. It's a 2014 Overland Brilliant Black with black interior. Pictures after I bought it can be seen here.
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