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Just rolled over 6000 miles today in my 2014 4x4 Laredo. Got out of a store, turned the jeep on and got an array of warnings on my gauge cluster including "Service Airbag System", "Service Electronic Braking System", "Service Antilock Brake System."

The check engine light is solidly on, the traction control light is on, the airbag light is on as well as the ABS light. The gauge cluster no longer registers my speed, instead it just shows three dashes (---).

Called the dealer and set up a service for mid next week.

Anyone else have this problem? I didnt find anything with a search and dont remember reading anything like this on this site.

Any ideas? What the hell? Get it together American cars.

This Jeep has never been offroaded, abused, driven on sand, or crashed.

Thanks for the help.

I took a video of it with my ipotato
2014 jeep service systems - YouTube

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There is a ton of information on this issue in this thread:

I had it happen to me on my 2014 limited as well. When was your vehicle built - should be on the driver's door? There have been 4 causes noted so far on this: loose ground wire connection - not likely if your vehicle was built after May; bad ABS controller, loose/bad connection on the side of the center console; or a bad instrument cluster.

After the fix, I haven't seen any new reposts of the issue.
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