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I've got 500 miles on my jeep now, and mechanically it's been great, electronically, not so much. I'll rate several areas. 1-10 with 10 being the highest

Exterior looks-9
I've only had it a week, and I get compliments from everybody on how sharp it looks, and it does. I like the rims, if I were to off road I'd probably want something different

I've got the forturas and so far they are ok, definitely not my first choice for tires

It is extremely quiet and smooth, and it might even be better now that I've got the proper psi in my tires

I can not find anything wrong with my paint and I've got a excellent wax on it now, and it appears the depth of the paint is endless, and it's crazy at how objects reflect off it

Interior looks-9
I really like the looks of the interior, the dark jeep brown leather is really nice. There's not too much chrome like substances, which is good. The goldish color goes really good with the brown

I haven't had any problems with it and it seems to shift really good. I don't think you should even notice the transmission, and I don't. I don't use the paddle shifters, but if I did its nice having them at your fingertips.

The stereo is a 7 with the Sirius, it sounds good, just seems a bit muted. The stereo with the thumb drive is a 9.5. The sound is so clear, it seems like you're in the studio.

Remote start-2
It starts, but my ac/fan don't come on with it and I have to shut it off and restart it to be able to turn it on. Supposedly it's a software issue and will be fixed in Q3, but I don't know how it's software if not everybody's jeep is affected

Passive entry-3.5
It's great when it works, but there's no rhyme or reason on when or if its going to work. Waiting to see if anything else pops up before intake it in

I'm averaging 19 mpg 45/55 highway/city miles and I think this will actually keep improving. I don't hammer the throttle, but I don't baby it either. When I want to go, I want to go, and it will it seems like a rocket. I haven't towed anything yet, so I can't comment on that.

I'm still getting used to this, and the more I learn about it, I'm sure I'd raise this rating. It'd be nice to have some more hard controls for some things, but there not there. It does seem to be able to dial a ph number compared to my old 2011 ram

ACC and blind spot monitoring-8.5
It is really nice on the freeway on how it adjusts the speed for you when you come up on a veh and speeds it back up when you change lanes.

There's a few bugs that need to be worked out, but they're not mechanical, which is good. If/when I get those fixed this score would go up. If more crop up, it could go down. This is my 5th grand Cherokee that I've bought, and it's had the most problems, but they're all electrical. I think it looks great and mechanically it runs great.
Overall I'm pleaseddde04 hope this review can help somecdf7bI hope my photos show up, but they don't do it justice

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Yes, I think it looks great. I held out for 5 months for the diesel, but now I'm really happy with the hemi

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What about the Hemi, what would you rate it? That engine blows me away every time I get behind the wheel; the top-end power - from 60 mph on up, in 7th and 8th gears - is just jaw-dropping.
I'd rate the the hemi 9 with only the mpg dragging it down. My 2011 ram had a hemi and this seems to be snappier. It also is getting 2.5 mpg better then the ram so that's a bonus as well. I didn't buy this for the mpg, but it's not too bad. I test drive the v6 before I bought, and it seemed good as well, just not as quick.

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Set your climate control to auto before you turn your Jeep off and roll the windows down. When you start it with the remote you can stick your head in the window and see that it is actually on until you open the door. Some genius decided to program it so the fan will turn off when you open the door.......engineers are silly!

Your butt dyno is pretty good, my Jeep will walk away from my 2010 RCSB Hemi Ram no problem. When we got to 60 mph it almost seemed like I let off the throttle in my truck!
Unfortunately mine has a glitch. It won't even turn on when I push the run button. I have to shut the jeep off and turn it on again. I've tried using the remote start while I was sitting in it and the ac/fan don't turn on. I don't know how only a few vehicles are affected, but mines one of them

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I have about 161 Miles on my Summit. So, far everything works. One thing I did notice, the head lights have a little water in them. I drove it for the first time at night last night.
I just happen to look back at the jeep and the lights were partly fogged.

I have to say the 2014 rides and handles way better then the 2011 did.
My headlights have condensation in them every now and then, which I guess is considered normal. I think if it stays in there long term is it considered a problem
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