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I always like try thing that other people haven't done that. Ever since converting to LED bulbs I've wanted to get proper projector housings.
There were a few options, some headlights off of ebay except that they were nearly $1000 when currency conversion and shipping factored in.
The 2014+ Compass Limiteds have projector housings, but use a different bulb (HIR2) instead of the H11 used in my 2012.
For those that don't know 2011+ Compass' have the same headlight part number as the non HID 2011-2013 WK2 Grand Cherokee's.
I had read online about WK2 owners(2011-2013) wanting to swap in the 2014+ HID housings into their jeeps. I looked at this as an option but was wayyy too pricey (nearly $2000) plus the cost of custom harness's to get the LED DRL's to work.
What I wanted to do was use the non HID halogen projector headlamps that came on the 2014-2015 WK2 Grand Cherokees and put them in my compass. Everything seemed to be plug and play since the low beams are H11 the Highbeams are 9005 signal 7443 and sidemarkers are 194.
Since the mounting positions are exactly the same I figured It should be a pretty simple swap. Well not quite but here it goes....
So much for plug and play. Signals and highbeams are fine, the projector H11 bulbs go in the projector housing, but its a proprietary plug that comes out of the headlamp off the low beam lead, so short of being able to get a harness out of a wrecked 2014 grand Cherokee that wasn't going to work.

Now I need to shoe horn an H11 harness into this....

I tracked down some male H11 connectors and cut the low beam wires that led to the proprietary connector and fed the wires through one of the breather holes.

Here's what the headlight beam pattern looks like with the LED conversion kit

Not everything went as planned.
I dropped my vehicle off at the bodyshop (had some front damage to get fixed) my friend works there (same guy who did my winch and lift ect) so he agreed to toss the headlights in while other stuff was being work on.
1st issue.

Bad picture but the brown part is my rad support, and the top breather was hitting the rad support meaning that they wouldn't fit.....

The highlighted part is what needed to be cut away.
It doesn't look super pretty but its been cut away and sealed up

Almost finished

Not the easiest mod to do by a long shot, hacking apart $500 headlights are never easy, but I now have a compass that doesn't look like any other on the road.

Almost complete

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