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Ordered a Firecracker Red Rubicon 2DR HT, 4.10, Convenience Group & the big Alpine system w/430 radio/nav. Nothing else- roll-up windows, etc. Est delivery 3rd week of Sep. Trying to get dealer (AEV dealer as well) to have a 2.5" XT suspension standing by.

Anyone know if Firecracker Red is just a rename of previous red or will it be different?
I am told it is just the same (If it was different would they not change the name?) as the 2015, it`s obvious it is the same because I see the 2015 all over my area...sorry I did not like it, was disappointed I could not have a dark rich red, so because of that I got black, personally was unhappy with the color choices they gave me.

I probably should not say that, but there are tons of people driving Fire Cracker Red Jeeps, they love them so I am the minority I guess, to me they are just to orange and even a little pinkinsh in the wrong light

I saw a couple what I call Burgundy, that look to be only 2 years old max, I would have liked that:)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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