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2017 Grand Cherokee
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Joined the Jeep club last week, switched from an older 4Runner to a new (to-me) '17 Grand Cherokee Limited, 49k miles. Love it so far, but now having issues.

Yesterday, after getting gas, the dash started flashing that the ESS was disabled, telling me that I need to get service now (was kind of okay with this, as I usually turn it off anyway). This morning, the CEL came on so I decided to get it checked out. When taking it on the highway, it stuttered at 6000rpm. It reminded me of when my 4Runner's spark plugs crapped out. Before taking it to the dealer, I swung by AutoZone for an OBDII check. P0301, cylinder 1 misfire

I took it to the original dealer as I still have a warranty until 100k miles, and they said it was related to a recall, so they fixed that. The CEL went away, and I "tested" it by turning on sport mode and revving it on the drive back, no issues. A few hours later, the CEL came back on, so I took it back to AutoZone. P0301 again, cylinder 1 misfire. Again. Called the dealer, and they said it's probably the battery and related to ESS.

I'm taking it back to the dealer tomorrow, but I'm trying to narrow down the issue. I'm between bad spark plugs/wires (wires usually crap out at ~50k), bad battery as the dealer said and simply bad gas from the station.

Gotta say, this is the first time so far I miss the 4Runner!! What do y'all think?
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