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2018 jeep trackhawk to debut...

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Aug 16 at the woodward dream cruise in detroit!
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It looks like the Woodward dream cruise isn't happening this year! At least not at its usual site.
Their web site shows it starting on 8/19. Can't imagine a different location...
What day do we think the reveal will be?
Wednesday April 12th at 11:50AM EDT.
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Will they be racing on Woodward this year? The track hawk would have cleaned up last year. The street was so slick they needed 4 wheel drive to launch
The Trackhawk will be there, but don't know if they will be racing it. Don't see how they could let the opportunity slip by...
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Isn't the sales launch supposed to take place at Woodward?
The reveal/press launch was originally scheduled for Woodward, then changed to NY. "Sales" launch set for September 1st when they officially launch the 2018 model year lineup. For the Trackhawk, you won't see anything new on 9/1, all info will be already out by that time. They will just re-release the press info, spec's etc.
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Going to piggy back on this. Easy, generalized question. Roundabout date Durango SRT price structure be announced?
Durango pricing should be announced by early June (tentative June 8th).
Can you give us a ballpark MSRP yet?
Your guess would be as good as mine. They can spin the numbers a lot of different ways, depending how they package the options. I'm thinking (read: guessing) $79,990 base MSRP, and into the 90's loaded up.

Don't know if they will announce pricing at the NY reveal, I doubt it. If past history is any indication, they'll wait until closer to production, when the order banks open.
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