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2019 High Altitude Height Adjustments

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Hey Everyone,

I would like to temporarily disable height adjustments without affecting the suspension. Adopted a dog recently and he continually presses the up and down buttons on the front console. If this is not possible to disable while driving (without adversely affecting the suspension in any way), does some type of cover or 3D printed part exist by chance? I'd ideally like to clip something on the console to prevent the up and down buttons being pressed or temporarily disable if this is possible.

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What you want to do isn't really possible unless you were to use something like AlphaOBD to change all the height settings to match "norma" which is not "temporary" in the sense of quickly restoring things to default. Now with our recently adopted dog, he can't reach that area because his harness is clipped in to keep him safe in the back seat with a short lead that uses the seat belt latch. Maybe you could find someone with a 3D printer willing to create something for you, however.
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