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2022 JL Rubi, 1998 TJ
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It is the same RFHM issue as the Cherokee- confirmed today. Part not available until sometime in May.

Purchased a 2022 Wrangler Rubicon 4/8. Drove it off the lot with only the miles from the test drive. Got home, went to leave later, was unable to unlock the vehicle. Seemed the fob wasn’t connecting. Used the key to unlock and it triggered “anti theft” where the alarm was going off, and vehicle was basically a sitting ton of bricks. Unable to stop the alarm or lock or unlock the doors, can’t start the engine. I have a high suspicion this is the same issue other 22 models were having, because even after trouble shooting with the manual and Jeep techs, no fix. Can’t even place it in neutral to tow. However, I’ve reached out to numerous dealers and nobody has heard of this happening with the wrangler, and most didn’t even acknowledge it happened with other models.
How can I let Jeep know this is happening with the wrangler also? I traded in my 2020 JLU with zero issues and I’m beside myself. I’m loyal to jeep, but this is insane and a recall should be issued. It’s clearly a major issue and it spans further than what has been revealed. Looks like the production date on this Rubi is 1/28

has anyone had their Cherokee fixed successfully and if so what exactly was the issue? Hoping to provide my dealer with more info.
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