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Has anyone tried fitting either of these sizes on 22" wheels?

Wheels are 22" SRT replica with 7.27" backspace

285/45/22 - this wheel is 32.1" in diameter with 21mm extra wheel well space. They'll stick out an extra .9 inches.

My concern with this one is will it be too wide (diameter) to fit the wheelwell


305/40/22 - this one is 31.6", which I know fits (275/55/20 is 31.9" and fits)diameter wise, but I'm concerned about the fenders. This tire will stick out an extra 1.3"

I'm going to run a sport truck AT on these wheels. Anyone have pics of either size installed???

I'm NOT interested in mixed tire sizes, or suspension drops. I have QL, so would like to see pics or input on QL vehicles with either tire size.

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The 305 40 is super the 285 45 my rub on the fender liners
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