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First off, hi to everyone.
This is my first post here.

Here's my issue.
I was driving and my engine started to chug while trying to overtake another vehicle. CEL flashed then turned solid. I let off the gas and pulled to a side street to check it out.
Mid turn on to the side street my engine died out.
It would not restart, cranks, starts to catch then dies.

I had it towed home.

I have checked the fault codes and the only code was P0301 cyl-1 misfire.

I took coil 1 and put it on cyl 3, and put plug 1 in to cyl 2.
Cleared CEL and tried to start, trying to set a second or pending fault code on either cylinder 2 or 3 to determine my problem.

I can't get it to set another code... BUT... the truck will also not start.


Things that I know;
Spark plugs are 5,000km old all gapped at 0.40in
There is compression
There is fuel
I can get the truck to run for a few seconds feathering the gas with a heavy dead miss.
When I took the spark plug out of 1 I pulled the fuel pump fuse and blew out all of the excess fuel in the cylinder to prevent fuel wash, then cranked the engine to build up oil pressure again (to coat the oil rings). When I re-install the plug and crank this is the closest it gets to running.

Things I dont know;
Why, if the engine is misfiring, will it not set a code?
Does this engine have known problems with coils or coil wiring?
Am I missing something?

Before changing the plugs I had a slight mis with the engine loaded between 70 and 75 km/h, once and a while at idle.

After changing the plugs the mis went away.

I just put $3k worth of parts on my truck and dont want to spend anymore than I have to to get it back on the road.

I am thinking bad coil, but the last time I changed a bad coil (different car) the engine would still run off of the 5 working cylinders.

Any help would be appreciated immensely.
Thank you in advance.

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Thank you.

Rocker arm was laying beside the valve spring...

I have ordered new lash adjusters. Would putting a shim below the lash adjuster help from having this problem again?

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scratch that...
rocker jumped off due to broken valve spring.

are these interference engines? Should I be worried about chunks of my piston missing when I pull the heads off Sunday?
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