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I bought the jeep not running. Previous owner had issues with wiring to the crankshaft position sensor. I tried running the engine on carb cleaner to and it barely sputters.. p0320 p0725 and a intermittent Idle control valve code. Replaced crank sensor.

Previous owner found out wiggling the plug on the ecm would make the engine run so he replaced the ecm plug. I tested the plug at the crank sensor. 5volt supply is good. Ground has no resistance and I am waiting til tomorrow to test the 24 pin and the feed for the ecm at the crank sensor plug.

I'm guessing there is either an issue with pickup line from ecm to crank poisition sensor. Or damaged Ecm. Any way to test ecm?

Much appreciated, Doug.

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Welcome to the garage.
I think that only a specialized shop with the right test equipment can test the ECM.
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