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I need to resurrect this thread. I bought a 2005 GC with a hemi. I got it fairly cheap cuz it had a knock that my mechanic thought was a rod bearing. Turns out it was a valve seat that had dropped and took out a piston. Took head to a machine shop and did just the seat that dropped and put in a new piston. Buttoned the engine up, started, ran, shut it down restarted BANG another valve seat dropped, another piston ruined. This time both heads go to machine shop, all intake valves seats replaced and another new piston. I'm into this engine almost 3 grand. It has 148,000 miles. Now my problem this thing drinks oil almost 2 gals. in 800miles. I put in a new PCV it still billows blue smoke. I unhooked the hose that goes from the PCV to the intake plenum and plugged the vacuum still blows blue smoke. I thought maybe the crankcase was being pressurized by blowby so I took the oil fill cap off and have been running it directly into the air. What do you think might be the issue?
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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