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5000 miles...not one problem.

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I figured I would start this thread since most owners don't post about having no problems. You usually just hear about those with problems.
I feel fortunate to have not had any problems at all after reading all the threads here about problems with the Grand Cherokee. Everything works, everything looks good, no squeaks, clunks or rattlles, no lites going on or off that shouldn't be, no transmission problems, no paint defects, rides nice and handles great, all panels, doors, hood, rear hatch and chrome trim line up nice, gets good gas mileage and lots of compliments and the wife loves it. If I could change anything I can only think of one thing, it would be the copper colored trim pieces in the interior. I think they should have went with silver, but even that is not a problem.

This may be the best vehicle we've ever far.
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Great post. I have been lurking here for about 3 months and am surprised at the problems reported. I have had zero issues. My Overland Summit is the perfect blend of off-road and luxury. Quiet and smooth on the highway, fast around town and great off-road. I added the Volant CAI, billet catch can, Mopar skid plates and the shark fin antenna based on posts on the forum. Excellent info!


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Just so you know, the 2011-2013's don't have anywhere near the problems that the 2014's do.
That is a shame. I hope the bugs get worked out quickly for all the 2014 owners.
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