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7,200 lbs tow rating & 720 lbs tongue weight

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Just bought my 2020 Overland 5.7L 4x4 and see that it is rated at 7,200 lbs tow capacity on pg, 261 of owner's manual if it has heavy duty cooling. Pg 34 of product brochure (Overland) says as to Trailer Tow group IV, "Heavy duty cooling.'......"Standard on 4x4 models."
There seems to be some controversy as to what that cooling package consists of but there is no question that I have the 7,200 lb tow rating.
Still don't know how to set audio to come on with ignition.
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Think I cured ignition on problem. Salesman had set up Android Auto to be bluetoothed while I always use cable. Designation of double pathways confused Jeep. Disabled Bluetooth in Android app with good result.
Idiot also thought it had 5,000# tow rating "on account of gear ratio" then assured me it was 6,200#s!
Manual p.261, 7200 #s with HD cooling: https://msmownerassets.z13.web.core..._Cherokee/P117119_20_WK_OM_EN_USC_DIGITAL.pdf

Overland Sales brochure, p. 34, Tow group 4, HD cooling standard on 4x4s: Jeep 2020 Grand Cherokee Page 34
Thank you for your interest. My 2020 Overland sticker does not show any tow group which is how I got started. Physically, I have the Type 4. Please consider this matter closed. I will do another posting for trans temp!
OK, I followed up on another angle. My sticker includes Customer Preferred Package 22P. This ordering package includes Tow Group IV:
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