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Couple questions.

1. Is there any way to get the speed displayed inside the digital/analog speedometer? (Pic 4 in pic 3)
No but thats a great idea I was thinking of that too. There are a couple of ideas for the cluster, Maybe on an update?

2. It was mentioned removing the flipper glass for improved visibility. Do you notice better visibility?
I miss the flipper glass from my 2011, no there is hardly anymore view I think it was a cut the cost thing. I also miss very much the open the windows by remote.

3. How does the shifter actually work. Can you feel shifting into PRNDS?

Yes but I almost lost my 2014 at a car wash when the guy could not figure it out, jumped out of the jeep and it took off in drive or N :eek:. It was a very close call. THERE IS a learning curve.
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