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Ok guys kinda new at this jeep thing so I dont know a whole lot about them. I recently bought a 94 grand cherokee 2wd with the 4.0 litre. Found a 93 with a 6 inch lift lockers and 4wd but with awd transfer caee. However I have no title for it and its just a buggie. I stripped it and am putting all the 4wd parts on the 2wd. So I got everything swapped tranny in driveline in its all done however I had to change the whole engine harness due to the different tranny. Went from 44re to aw4. Well now it wont start...changed the ecu with the harness and the control module under the dash...however where the other long plug plugs in on the left side the new harness has one extra wire do I have to change the dash harness as well or what?and why would I not be getting fire? Someone please help
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