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Hi all!

I've got a 2011 Jeep Liberty with moldy evaporator fins.

I've researching all the remedies, and I've had the most success with spraying Lysol into the external air intake by the wipers while the AC is running/blowing. Seems to get rid of the mildew smell for maybe a couple weeks, then it returns.

Two questions:

1) Can someone who has managed to cram their head far enough under the hood tell me where the air intake ACTUALLY IS? There are slots on the cowling by both the wipers, but it appears that the actual intake is most likely ONLY on the PASSENGER SIDE. Am I correct? I hate the idea of spraying Lysol for 45 seconds into the cowling that isn't anywhere near the actual intake port, but try as I might I can't get a good look inside the plastic vent slots by the wipers to find out...?

2) I keep reading that to keep this mold from forming in the first place you need to switch the AC to OUTSIDE AIR and it will never form - WRONG! I *NEVER* use recirc for AC or HEAT - always outside air - and I have a terrible mold problem.

Another fix (once you've eliminated the smell via Lysol or the "foam cleaner up the drain pan hose" method) is to switch the AC off for the last few minutes of your drive to give the fins a chance to "dry off".

This makes NO sense to me because once I shut the A/C OFF, a baffle must move and direct the air away from the evap coils as the mold smell IMMEDIATELY goes how does this dry off the evap fins if the air is not even moving across them any longer?

I know this because I can have the A/C off and the vents blowing outside air and have no smell. The second I hit the A/C button the smell starts which must mean a baffle moves and redirects the air across the evap fins...makes sense...when the AC is turned off the smell immediately goes away as the air is directed somewhere other than the A/C evap fins.

So how is one supposed to run air across these fins with the A/C OFF in order to dry them off if the only way to get air across them is to have the A/C RUNNING?

It just has me baffled (cheap pun)

OK, too late for so much logical thinking...any info would be much appreciated! I'd like to find out what it will take to keep this issue from popping up every 2 weeks after my Lysol treatment :)


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The hard part will be to kill off all the mold/mildew and spores currently in your system.
A dealer or aftermarket A/C shop can flood the thing completely and then flush that out.

If you can get this done, pick up a few cans of FrigiFresh and use it at the very lease weekly.

Not familiar with the A/C outlets on the Libby, but do you have an outlet on the passenger side that goes to a matching opening in the door? If so, that is a pretty easy place to get FrigiFresh down onto the A/C unit. The air vent intakes work, but not as good as spraying right down onto the A/C itself.

FrigiFresh tends to work better than Lysol, but unless you want to install a drip unit for constant feed, your first task is to completely disinfect the entire heater/AC unit, which is best done by someone familiar with doing it.

Unless you are living in the one square meter of Minn not afflicted by 200% humidity in the summers, about all you can do is get it flushed and sterilized by a pro, then apply FrigiFresh right down into the A/C unit, and probably plan on getting a pro flush or one of those kits at least once a summer as the spores are all over the place.

Or, learn to like the smell of moldy sweat socks.
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