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My 2006 WK has been giving me some trouble regarding the AC/Heat. Sometimes the AC or heat will suddenly turn off or not come on at all, except if it is on the 'high setting'.

I got behind the glove compartment and moved around a plug in /wire harness and it everything works fine. Even then, it sometimes cuts out and its back to working on high setting only.

After examining the 'plug in', there appears to be some melting or burning on the actual 'plug in' that is wired up to the harness, where the 'female' part of the electrical connection is.

What is going on? What is the cause of only being able to use the high setting for the blower? Why is the plug in on the harness, behind the glove box have signs of melting?

I believe it is the 'plug in' harness that connects to the resistor in the blower motor, behind the glove compartment.

Any info helps! Thanks guys!

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The failure of the resistor is nothing more than it gets hot, and fails. I would always be concerned that the blower motor may be drawing too much current which lead to premature failure of the resistor. The reason your high speed setting worked is because the high speed does not run through any resistor, it is a direct path in and out of the resistor assembly, bypassing any burnt paths through failed resistors. Typically, for a proper repair, as stated previously you do want to cut out the connector and splice in a new connector.
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