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Morning. This is my second GJC my first was a V6 Pentastar and now a CRD. I was happy with the petrol, the CRD is way better and I am delighted with it. I have travelled 30,000KM ..with very few problems. I will be towing a heavy van and will be going off-road. I bought my Jeeps having not had one before despite being pushed hard to buy a Cruiser.
I dont regret the decision.
BUT.....why is it so hard to get the range of accessories this car deserves and requires in certain circumstances.
1. a Bullbar that is winch compatible ...there are some available in the US but not here..... ADR??
2. to date ECB are the only supplier of bullbars ..but no winch?? Jeeps are for off road as well arent they?
3. the dual battery issue...there are posters who have found solutions....but why is it so hard surely Jeep should have a solution ..?
4. Why is it so hard to get Roof Racks that will support more than a sleeping bag..Rocky Road in the US make one ..try importing one and the associated freight costs ...why should we have to?
It seems to me that it just gets TOO hard and the serious off roader or even the traveller that might get animal strikes are forced to reconsider and look at Cruiser again.....I hate being put in that position but it really is a problem.

You can get whatever you want for a Cruiser and it is competitive....Jeep not so.

Are GJC's destined to be the school drop and kiss car...locked on the tarmac and not used for what they their history indicates they are famous for?

I dont want a Cruiser ..I want to keep my Jeep but for goodness sakes cant there be a supplier sourced who will the point of sale for all the accessories some of us want?

The roof load capacity of 68kgs is a problem but lets not go there.

I would love JEEP AUSTRALIA to consider these issues does one contact them in this regard...there isnt a CONTACT path on their site???:mad:
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