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CYBER MONDAY is here!!! Get 10% Off and $5 Flat Rate Shipping with the code CYBER13.

But you guys will probably be more interested in the 2 new towels we've brought in -

Adam's Borderless Blue Plush Microfiber Towel - a true borderless/edgeless microfiber towel, these blue beauties are 16x16 and are a plush fiber similar in density to our single softs. Perfect for polish, wax, or sealant removal. Use them for a Detail Spray wipe down, or even as your towel for the new Rinseless Wash.

Adam's Silver Supreme Microfiber Towel - a great all around towel, somewhere between a single soft and a utility towel, these silky smooth silver plush towels with satin edging are great for delicate jobs, but still have a short enough fiber length to break up stubborn wax residues.

Both of these towels have been brought in for a limited time to test their popularity, based on your reviews and demand one, both, or neither of them will be back after the holidays. Grab them now at a special intro price and be sure to give us your feedback!​
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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